Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ebay *sigh* I got Bad Feedback

I woke up to the most disappointing Ebay news. Bad Feedback.

I had a tiny sewing pattern up for sale and listed it as only for sale in the US. A person in France bought it. (I have since found the directions of how to make sure that never happens again...I feel like SUCH a noob). I sent her a note letting her know I only wanted to ship to the US and declined my request to cancel the transaction! Her note back said "Its not that complicated, just put it in an envelope and mail it".

I was worried that she sounded kind of malicious right off the bat. So, just to cover my bases, I called Ebay to see if there was any protocol that I could follow to insure my feedbacks safety. There isn't at that point. They suggested finding out how much the shipping would cost and sending her an invoice with the revised shipping fee.

I did so and she asked me to change it back. I told her that I couldn't and explained that I was only charging what I would be paying to ship it. She did not respond and she did not pay. So I waited. As the 30 day "non payment claim" window approached I sent a note requesting payment and she left me bad feedback...and has not paid...and because I sent a request for cancellation when I first found out she was in France there is not a thing I can do about it. I called Ebay three times and they regretted to inform me that this is completely fine with them. (that paraphrasing...they actually said that in an effort to protect the freedom of feedback they cannot intervene).

I have not left her feedback yet. I really do not know how to handle this. I suppose she deserves bad feedback...having bought the item weeks ago and still not paying. But, I don't want it to show on my profile that I leave bad feedback.

My priority is raising my feedback so that I reach the requirements for a store. So, I will do what I have to do to try and fix this. *snarl*

I do not like to back down. It goes against my stubborn nature. Since the feedback is my priority, I want to know that I have done everything I possibly can. So, I sent her a revised invoice with the original $2.00 shipping fees and I am just going to mail her the pattern today regardless of payment. I will probably be out $15 but at least I will know that I will have done everything I could. Once the pattern is received and if she still doesn't pay then I will have no guilt behind leaving bad feedback.

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