Monday, January 14, 2013

From XL Tshirt to Running Tank Top

So I got an XL Tshirt and I thought...that would be GREAT to wear while running. But, I really dont like to wear big boxy tshirts when I exercise. It is pretty demotivating. So, even though I just shelled out the cash for this brand new tshirt at Champs I am going to chop it up. Better to chop it then to keep it as is and never wear it at all.
What you need for the project:
T-Shirt ...the bigger the better
A marking chalk or contrasting crayon
A hair tie (to tie your hair up...its not used on the shirt)
A bottle of emergency wine for those who are squimish about putting scissors to cloth.
Got everything together? Good!

Mark inside the seams of the arms.
(I like these a little low to prevent any chaffing. I am not worried about anything showing because I know I will be wearing a sports bra underneath.)
Mark a nice 6" deep "V" on the neck just outside the collars seams.
Mark a line just above the trim on the bottom.

Cut along the lines you just drew. *snip snip*
Make sure not to cut along the back of the collar...if you go to low back there the shirt will sit funny.
It won't be bad for wearing, but for running it stinks. You will ALWAYS be pulling at the shoulder when it falls over and over again. Blah...

Mark a nice high arch under the collar seem on the back of the shirt. Cut along the line.

This is the back of the shirt. We are going to be tying it to make it a little more fitted in the bust.
With your marking tool make some nice deep arches to form a bit of a "T" back. Keep the points of your arches about 6" apart. That will make it decrease the bust of your shirt by 6" when we tie it at that point. This works for me. If you want it tighter then make your arches smaller...if you want less of a decrease at the bust then make these arches even bigger.
Cut along your arches...on the back side only!

We are going to take a spare piece of fabric from what we cut away and tie the arches together. This isnt permanent so just tie it in a square knot.
Try on the shirt...the piece of fabric you tied on can slide up and down a bit...see where you like it. I like mine as low as it will go. If my fabric knot is too high it distorts the shoulders too much and you can't read my awesome quote.
Once you adjust it and see where you most like the knot then take the shirt off.

This is where I liked mine.

This is the remnant of the sleeves. mark them just as I have and cut along the lines.

Then put your hand inside of the sleeve remnant and mark the lines to one another...offset by one. This will form a continuous line of fabric.
 (sidenote: I learned this when I was making fabric yarn out of sheets. Saved me a TON of time. Just fold the sheets as many times as you can, cut almost all the way to the end...unfold one time and cut each strip the end of the one just to the right of it. loooong strip of sheet to crochet into a rug or trivet)
Back to our tshirt!
The sleeves are not long strips (if this did not workout...grab some ribbon, tie a bow where you like your shirt gathered in the back)
But, if you DO have a length of sleeve fabric then give it a tug all along the length so the edges curl under a bit. See?

Before the tug ^

After the tug ^

Wrap your cotton strip around and around at the point where you liked your shirtback tied. Tie it off and tuck in the edges.

Lay your shirt on its side. Shirts look better when they are a little shorter in front than in back.
Mark a line that starts 3" from the bottom in front and tapers off toward the back.
Cut through both layers of fabric along your drawn line.
Give all of your cut edges a tug to curl the fabric under a bit. The edges will look more finished after a wash or two. 

Here are a few of my AMAZING self portraits. I really need a mirrored wall. These are SO difficult for me.

Hey look...its my shoulder.
So get cutting! If you do please share a pic with me. Happy Sunday, crafters!!

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