Friday, January 11, 2013

This Is Why Your Fat by Jackie Warner

Right now I am reading Jackie Warners "This Is Why Your Fat (And How To Get Thin Forever)". I loved her in the show Workout on the Bravo channel. I am loving her with longer hair...although she worked short hair better than most.

The book is good. As a former personal trainer I ofter suffer from paralysis of analysis. Or more to the point...I'm ADD. Having read all of the diets, and workout theories I can justify doing just about anything and not really sticking to ANYTHING. It's aweful. Just a hot mess!

But, this book is really reminding me of what to do and why. The why is so crucial for me. Its nothing new for me. You CAN'T skip meals. You cant overeat but it isn't JUST calories in/calories out because of hormones and some stuff just slows down metabolism and our organs get too bogged down to function optimally. Meal frequency, hormones, how to do your cardio so it really goes on and on and it is all in here. This is just a great book.

If you let your blood sugar drop the next thing you eat will be stored as fat. It is as simple as that. I know this but still I let it happen. No more! Today I started to get back on track and I am feeling 100 percent better. It's hard to say no to some food. But, SO many foods are filling and work withing the program that after a bit you just get into your groove and it becomes second nature. Everything else just has to wait for your cheat meal.


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