Saturday, July 20, 2013

I have been very quiet.

Mostly because I taught myself to knit and felt kind of awkward sharing my knittings on my crochet blog. But, that's just silly. It's all yarn! :)

I did make this last night, though. :)


Its a super fun, fast project from Julie King at Gleeful Things. It is a purchased pattern and here is the link. I bought it in a bundle when she had about 10 patterns for $15 last holiday season. This one is for a friend. I think I need one in a fun, bright color. Maybe turquoise like in her advertisement for the pattern. I love turquoise!
Another reason I have been SO SO SO quiet is that we are moving. We put the house up for sale, we got an offer and accepted. We have since done all of our part for the sale (termite, home inspection, paperwork and such)...and now we wait and see if the sale will workout. There is good and bad to this. The only bad being that I am very impatient when it comes to not knowing what will happen next. (This makes Christmas painful) The good is that the perspective close date would be early I have two weeks to settle in, be lazy and get back to my yarn!
When we decided to sell our little house we wanted to make it look bigger so we put away all of the "extras". My cute stuff came off the walls and the shelves came off the wall. Everything that we don't NEED NEED this summer went into totes and got packed away. We had to keep the house in "visitor ready" condition 24/7. So it was hard to craft. I'm a messy crafter.
When the house does sell we are off to Texas! It is a big move from California. We have been planning it for nearly five years now. We are ready. 

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