Sunday, July 21, 2013

Im Home!!! From a day at Disneyland... *collapse*

My little guy just had an awesome birthday. We woke up and had messy chocolate and whipped cream covered waffles with bacon. Got out of his jammies and headed straight to Disneyland (i.e. The Happiest Place On Earth).

The prices are high but so is the inspiration for a crafter. Here are some things I saw that really got me wanting to grab a skein and a hook and get to work!

"Top 6 most inspiring things that I saw at Disneyland today"

1. The knit yoda in mickey ears. I squealed a little when I saw it in the shop near the exit of Space Mountain. I will be replicating this in yarn.The Ears might be removable...
2.  Feathers, rhinestones and silk rosettes...all together. SUPER cute.
3. Jack Skellington: He should be appliqued on EVERYTHING.
4. Chewy back buddies! These backpacks were on every other person in the park. I love  plushies and these are super sized plushies.
5. Red with white polka dots. Minnie is an inspiration.

6. Mint Juleps! Yum. I have never gone to Disneyland and not gotten one. Here is a recipe for a non-alcoholic version just like theirs!

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