Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Its been a good long time since I have suffered with the procrastination that I am pushing through at this moment. There are many things that cause procrastination. Perfectionism. Lack of Focus. Fear of Failure. But, for me right now it is task anxiety. I just do not feel like taking the plunge into anything new right now.

In the fall I like to settle into warm, friendly, easy  stuff. Right now my to-do is full of stressful, decision-filled tasks that I don't really have any idea how they will turn out. Intimidating for me.

I need to design two new hats and sew an apron. By tomorrow. I have pushed it off for so long that the moment is here.

So, how do we get past the urge to procrastinate?

Visualization and Discipline!

I just visualize it already done. When something diverts my attention I tell myself no...not until this is finished! And then I remember how good it feels to finish something.

So on with the yarn!! *waves hook*

PS...I am so excited. I finished painting my kitchen. It took forever to choose a green. :)

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