Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beautiful Lazy Saturdays

We are having a wonderful lazy Saturday. The house is a mess...but I can fix that later. I figured I would pop in for a quick post while my husband is out planting some seedlings. 

I went garage saling this morning. I have yet to find a route to garage sale along since we moved to this strange new land. (Riverside) But, today I made my way about more thoroughly than I have since we got here.

Armed with a McD's nonfat sugarfree vanilla latte Errol and I drove and drove seeing what he likes to call "Garage Fails"...but I did score a pare of jeans. And a BUCKETload of fitness DVDs. Both will be mine. No Ebay loot today, sadly. But, my collection of stuff to Ebay is just big enough to get me through the week. 

Terrible picture! Might replace it later. But SIX Turbo Jams and a Tony Horton DVD that I have never heard of for $1 each. Paperwork for the Turbo Jam was included. I already had three...which I paid $25 for. I am in cardio heaven.

I will work on sharing my embarrassingly large collection of fitness and yoga DVDs. 

Yay!! Happy Saturday afternoon!

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