Crochet Stargazing Earwarmer Headband


Hi Friend!

I made a new pattern for a star stitched ear warmer in lovely, LOVELY Patons Roving Yarn. Its untwisted, wooly beauty. The idea came to me while I was catching up with (binging) Jonna Jinton on youtube. She had this amazing ear warmer and I just needed complete my transformation into an ethereal Swedish blond woman that dances in the forest, plunges into sub-freezing water and (of course) calls cows. She is amazing. Balancing rocks on one another in the river and painting with natural materials by candlelight. It's incredibly relaxing to watch (except the mosquitos! Eww) 

So...where was I. In an effort to connect to this amazing lifestyle I needed my own white, wooly ear warming. Would you like to make one, too? If so the written pattern is here. And the video of exactly what I did is just down below.

And here is the printable pattern!

I hope that you enjoy it!

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