Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Making of Spiderman (Crochet Hat)

Collect your Supplies! Bright Red and Soft White are "Red Heart Super Saver" and the Blue and Black are "Impeccable"

 Make a swatch...I don't always, but with hats I have to. Its amazing how much a different a knot can turn out with a different brand of hook, a different brand of yarn and a different set of hands.
 My swatch was 12 stitches wide and four rows measured 4" wide and 2" tall. So to make my 20" wide and 8" deep (toddler size to fit up until they are about 5 years old) I would need it to be 60 stitches wide and 16 rows deep.
So I made a simple beanie. HDCs.
SLIP STITCH into the first stitch of that row and chain twice.
I hook
Worsted Weight Yarn (This is Red Heart Super holds up well to being decorated)
Increase: Means to HDC two times in one stitch

Row 1:In a Magic Circle I crocheted 9 HDC. Then I cinched closed my magic circle. (9)
Row 2:HDC two times in each stitch (18)
Row 3:HDC around, increasing every other stitch (27)
Row 4:HDC around, increasing in every 3rd stitch (36)
Row 5:HDC around, increasing in every 4th stitch (45)
Row 6:HDC around (no increases on this row) (45)
Row 7:HDC around, increasing in every 5th stitch (54)
Row 8:HDC around, increasing in every 6th stitch (63)
Row 9-16:HDC around (63)
Fasten off. It should like the picture above. :) Minus the cute toddler. Unless you happen to have one, too.
 Attach the blue yarn. Single Crochet all around for one row. Fasten off.
 When you are crocheting with a new color...crochet over the tails that have been fastened off. It makes it much neater when you snip ends.
 Make an eye. This is the right one. I wanted it to be 1/5th as wide as the hat but my teenager says its a little too wide. Feel free to make yours a little smaller. But this is how I did it! :D

Single crochets...7 rows.

Chain 21.
Row 1:Single crochet in the second chain from hook and continue across (20), chain 1 and turn
Row 2:SC in the first stitch and the next 17 across (18), chain 1 and turn
Row 3:skip one stitch and SC in the next 16 stitches (16), chain 1 and turn
Row 4:SC in the first stitch and the next 14 stitches (15), chain 1 and turn
Row 5:skip the first stitch and SC in the next 13 stitches (13), chain 1 and turn
Row 6:skip the first stitch and SC in the next 11 stitches (11), chain 1 and turn
Row 7:SC in the first 10 stitches and Fasten off. (10)

Make another one for the other side. I made them the same and just used the flip side of one.

And here is a chart. I like to make them to simplify.

 The eyeliner. I wanted heavy eyeliner without making the already large eyes too much larger. So I Spike Single Crocheted all around. If you havent done this, its VERY simple. Instead of stiching into the row below thew one you are working on like you normally would, you insert your hook two rows down. That makes for a wider stitch without adding much more width and a fun spiking effect. At each of the four corners of the eyes SC three times in the same stitch. Fasten off and leave a looooong tail. This will be what you sew the eyes on with.
 Sew on the eyes using a yarn needle.
 Use a yarn needle to sew on teh webs.
 And here it is!

I love constructive critisizm. So, have asked everyone that has seen the hat what they think. So far only my teenager has noted changes that I should make. The eyes should be smaller. I will be trying again very soon. But, until is how I feel about critisizm.
 Mow the lawn...wash the car...Watch your brother. LOL
Haha...just kidding. No punishment for honesty around here. It was just chore day. He is happily playing videogames right now as I type. No teenagers were harmed in the making of my hat.


  1. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I surely would like to give it a try for my son.

  2. too funny!! love the end of this post.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I made one for my nephew and he loves it!

  4. I've made this for my son as a gift for først day in a new kindergarden. I hope he will love it tomorrow when he wakes up!!

  5. Love the post...I have made 3 for my local hospital and donated them to 3 children who love them to bits. They made their day a little brighter..thank you so much for sharing

  6. I am making my first one now. I plan to make some for all the Spiderman fans I know. Thx for the pattern and the picture instructions too, they were helpful.

  7. how big will this be and what size will be able to wear it???

  8. Love the pattern! I'm using your eyes and webbing eight note in an earflap hat. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have made quite a few spiderman hats for craft shows. I have crocheted the web into the hat as I work along. I am going to try your method - it looks nice and would be quicker. Thanks


  10. Lol I love that the eyes are that big cuz it looks more like venom and carnage.just switch up the colors and it's perfect !thanks

  11. How would I make this for a 9 year old?


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