Crochet a Waffle Stitch Tote Bag


I designed a new bag after seeing the new chenille yarn arriving at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Its soft, smooth and bulky weight so it works up fast. It slips across a hook in the most satisfying way. I just cannot get enough projects in mind for what to do with it all. I love this gray color...I used Vapor Gray in the Bernat Velvet yarn. This entire bag also took just one ball of the yarn...always a plus in my book. I hope that you enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 

Here is the Video Tutorial

Waffles Tote

By MelodyCrochet copywritten 2018 - Enjoy! (and by enjoy I mean share on social media and tag me because
I love to see what you guys make!!). Feel free to sell what you make. Please, do not sell or alter my actual
pattern as your own. Linking and sharing to my blog is ALWAYS appreciated. Happy making and Thank you for
coming. I really do appreciate it!  

Finished Size: 17 ½ “ tall x 15” wide. (44cm x 38cm) Lots of negative ease since its stretchy.

Stitch Legend
Ch - Chain
SS- Slip Stitch
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
FPDC - Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC - Back Post Double Crochet
FO - Fasten Off
IncSC - Increase Single Crochet (two Single Crochet in the same stitch)
DecSC - Decrease Single Crochet (Insert into next stitch, draw up a loop, insert into the following stitch, draw
up a loop, yarn over and pull through all three loops on your hook)
BLDC - Back Loop Double Crochet
YO - Yarn Over
PM - Place Stitch Marker


4 Stitch Markers (Or pieces of yarn to mark a stitch for increase/decrease stitches)
Yarn Needle To weave in bulky size ends. I LOVE these for bulky yarn.


There is a video of how to make this bag here.

This is a bottom-up construction. We will be working in the round but not in a spiral. At the begining of
each double crochet row, I will say “chain two”. If you feel more comfortable chaining 3 please do. But,
I find that I get added (undesirable) bulk in my seam from doing so.

I suggest using a K hook for chain stitches if you are using a chenille style yarn because they tend to have
a lot of stretch and the chains work out too tightly and might pucker the edge of your work.

Ch2 at beginning of rows counts as the first DC. The next DC should not be at the base of this chain. Place
it above the following stitch or your waffle pattern will spiral.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!!


Chain 37 on the larger (Size K) crochet hook. Remove your hook and replace with the smaller (Size I) hook for
the rest of the pattern.

SC in 2nd Ch from hook and across until the second to the last Ch of row (35 SC), in last Ch of row SC
3 times and PM in the 2nd of these SC. Pivot work so that you can crochet along the opposite side of
your Ch. SC into the next 35 Ch and in the last Ch SC 2 times, PM in the 2nd of these SC. Slip Stich.
(Do Not turn) (72)
Ch1. SC in the base of Ch1 and across, IncSC in each marked stitches. Move the marker to the 2nd St
of each new increase, SS. (Row 2 - 74) (Row 3 - 76) (Row 4 - 78)
(Setup Row) Ch2. (counts as first DC here and throughout pattern) DC in next st and across. SS into
the 2nd Ch of Ch 2 at beginning of this row (78)
(Waffle Pattern Row 1) Ch2, DC, DC, *FPDC, DC, DC* Repeat * to * to the end of the row, SS into the
2nd Ch of Ch 2 at beginning of this row (78)
(Waffle Pattern Row 2) Ch2, BPDC, BPDC *DC, BPDC, BPDC* Repeat * to * to end of row. SS into the
2nd Ch of Ch 2 at beginning of this row (78)
Repeat Row 6 and 7 ten more times
Ch 1. SC at the base of chain and across, SS into the top of first SC (78 SC in each row - Ch 1 not
Fasten Off. Lay bag flat. From each side count in and PM 9th stitch. Flip bag and repeat.
So you will have 16 unmarked stitches on each side, then the 4 marked. And front and back center
will each have 21 unmarked stitches.
(All chaining go to K hook...then back to I hook for the SC stitches). Attach yarn with a slipknot in any
of the unmarked side stitches.

Ch1 and SC in the base of Ch and across to stitch before the 1st marker you encounter
Ch 35 and skip the stitches between the 1st and 2nd markers (23 stitches skipped)
SC into stitch after the 2nd marker and SC across to stitch before 3rd marker (16)
Ch 35 and skip the stitches between 3rd and 4th markers (23 stitches skipped)
Sc into stitch after 4th marker and across to the end of row.
SS into the top of first SC of row. (32 sc are body stitches + 70 Ch are handle stitches)
Ch1 and SC in the base of Ch and in each stitch around. (102 sc) PM in the 10th and 25th SC in the
Ch stitches ( will be IncSC in these markers).
Ch1 and SC in the base of Ch and to the stitch before the handle, *DecSC last body stitch and first
handle stitch), SC 8, IncSC in marked stitch (replace marker into the 2nd SC of this IncSC), SC 15,
IncSC in marked stitch (replace marker into 1st SC of this IncSC), SC 8, DecSc* SC 16, *repeat * to *
SC to end of row, SS into first SC. (102)  
Repeat row 33, Fasten off.


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