Crochet a Scrunchy Hairband

Scrunchies are back! Velvet, bulky, name it. They are fun and everywhere since the VSCO girl trend began growing. Then the 90s kids began to feel nostalgic and now were all filling our wrists up. But, they are pricey! So lets make our own.


I hope that you will stop by and crochet some scrunchies with me! It's a fast and fun tutorial that is aimed at everyone (including beginners!).

Just in case you are not in a position to watch the is a breakdown of the instructions.


Bernat Velvet Yarn is sold here: J Crochet Hook: My favorite Scissors: My favorite Stitch Markers:

-Tie the yarn onto the hairband with a double square knot.

-With nondominant hand stretch the band open with your thumb and index
finger. Stretch the yarn above and use your other fingers to keep the
tension on your working yarn. 

-With your dominant hand take your hook from under the band and draw up a
loop of the yarn. Use the hook to grab the yarn over the band and pull
through to chain once. SC around the band until the band is covered, but
not so much that the band is stretched. 

-Make certain that your stitches are not twisted and have the Vs that your
stitches form all along the outside of the band. 

-Slip Stitch into the top of the first chain. Chain 2 (do not turn)

-DC 4 times into the top of each stitch across.

-SS into the top of the first DC. Fasten off. Work in ends. 


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