Crochet a Slouchy Beanie Hat


Slouchy Beanie Pattern


One Ball of Size 4/Medium Weight Yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft Sparkle (in Red) and

I hook (5.5mm) for teens and ladies 
J (6mm) hook for men

Stitches Used: 
Magic Circle (MC)
Chain (Ch)
Slip Stitch (SS)
Double Crochet (DC)
Increase DC (IncDC)
Single Crochet (SC)
Back Loop Single Crochet (BLSC)
Single Crochet Decrease (SCDec) 

  • Ch2 does not count as a stitch.
  • Do not turn at the end of any rows.
  • Leave a 4”+ Tail in your Magic Circle to weave in and secure afterward.
  • Do not fasten off before beginning brim. The separation of sections is just in case you made more or less than 17 rows when creating your choice of length.
  • In the video I move seamlessly from the 3 *SCDec + 1 BLSC* at the end of row three into the 2 *SCDec + 1 BLSC* at the begining of row 4. That is why I say to do it FIVE times. Please, forgive any confusion. 

Start with a Magic Circle (or chain 4 and slip stitch)
Row 1, ch2, 12 DC into MC over tail. SS (12)
Row 2: ch2, IncDC into each stitch around. SS. (24)
Row 3: ch2, *1 DC + Inc DC* around. SS. (36)
Row 4: ch2, *2 DC + IncDC* around. SS. (48)
Row 5: ch2, DC around (48)
Row 6: ch2, *3 DC + IncDC* around. SS. (60)
Row 7: ch2, *4 DC + IncDC* around. SS. (72)
Row 8-17+: ch2, DC across. SS. (72)

Begin Brim 
Row 1: ch1, SC around. (Do not SS or ch...we are working in a spiral).
Row 2: 64 BLSC (Leaves 8 unworked stitches) *SCDec +  2 BLSC* 2 times (70)
Row 3: *SCDec +  2 BLSC* 3 times and continue to BLSC across until the stitch before the
first SCDec in the previous row. *SCDec +  1 BLSC* 2 times.(65)
Row 4: *SCDec +  1 BLSC* 3 times and continue to BLSC across. (62)
Row 5-7: BLSC across. (62)
Fasten Off, Weave in Ends.

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