About Me

Hello and Welcome, friend! Thank you so much for visiting me and my family here.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Melody. I am the crochet designer that founded MelodyCrochet.  You will also find my YouTube channel where I do a weekly podcast, yarn reviews and tutorials to go along with my free patterns.

I am also a happily married mom of two boys (12 years apart) and two snuggly black pups. They never touch my yarn (all 5 of them). I practice yoga, meditation and love long walks. We transplanted to Texas in 2012 and here you will find lots of crochet and lots of lifestyle fun. I am inspired everywhere I go. So I snap pictures and then go home and recreate all the cute things here, with you.

You are in the right place if you like to DIY all the cute things you see on Etsy and at Craft Fairs. Quick and easy accessories, decor and gifts...that is my thing.

About Me:

  • I do a lot of yoga
  • I have two dogs and they are mostly black
  • ...because I wear a lot of black.
  • I play online games (Mostly Runescape 3 and Guild Wars 2 at the Moment)

  • I was born in the same Hospital as Snoop Dogg
  • I have two sons...12 years apart. 
  • I have a drugstore makeup addiction
  • I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon
  • I would rather be hot than cold
  • I love doing taxes. Mine. Other peoples. It's like sudoku.
  • When I grow up I want to be a motivational speaker. 
  • Sometimes I dye yarn and sell it. Only when it sounds fun, though. It moves fast. I will give you a heads up on here before I post it on Etsy. 
  • I love coffee and tea. 
  • I love saving money. 
  • My favorite color is ultraviolet. 
  • But, I make everything in greens and blues.

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