Crochet a Bun Hat


Messy Bun Hat

There are a ton of bun hat patterns popping up everywhere. But they were lacking a little something for me. I went ahead and took the inspiration and made it my own.

I used Unforgettable Yarn from Red Heart 70 grams/200 yards total. That it is less than one ball but this hat is worked holding two strands together. I was making more than one hat (of course!) so I just held two strands together from separate balls of the yarn. If you are just making one hat I would divide the yarn prior to starting your hat...this is not a great hat to work from both ends of the ball on, in my opinion.

Surprisingly, since I worked from the outside of both balls the yarn colors changed in the same way at the same time so you can hardly even tell I held two strands together when looking at my hat. Next time I will be making one where I start on different colors. I love my Tealberry colorway and would love to see those colors play together even more.

I work in rounds for the body of this hat. I do not slip stitch, chain 2. I just work in a spiral all the way up. The decreases I make are taken at the seam in back. To make this easy to see I put a locking stitch marker so that I have a mental reminder of where the back seam is.

So here is what I used!

1 ball of Unforgettable Red Heart Yarn separated into two balls.
I hook
H hook
Locking Stitch marker 
Yarn Needle to weave in the ends

I used these stitches and abbreviations!

sc - single crochet
sc blo - single crochet through the back loops only (when looking at the top v that a stitch makes, you are working only in the branch that is farther away from you.
hdc - half double crochet
dec hdc - decrease half double crochet
yo, insert into next stitch, yo, pull back, yo insert into the second stitch, yo, pull back, yo and pull through all of the loops on the hook.

And here is what I did!

We will start by making a long strip of sc in the back post only that will fit around your head. It will be 70 rows of 8 single crochets.

With your I Hook while holding 2 strands of yarn together chain 9, turn
sc in the second chain from the hook and across (8sc)
*ch 1, turn, sc in each stitch across (8sc) in BACK LOOPS ONLY*
repeat * to * 68 times. Do not Fasten Off.

This ribbed band of 70 rows should fit nicely around the head of most teens and women. Its stretchy!

When your band is complete place fold in half lengthwise (like in the picture above) with right sides facing and single crochet these together to form a loop. This is your hat band and will look much neater in a color changing yarn that it would if you used a Back Post/Front Post Double Crochet. I make alot of baby hats this way too because they grow so quickly. This stretchy band makes it so they can wear the hat longer.

Now to make the body of your hat!

Continuing with the same I hook and the same yarn strand (still held double) that you had not fastened off after seaming up the band.

1) chain 2 and HDC in each stitch along the side of your hat band across (70) place marker as the start of the next row.
2) *hdc across until the last 4 stitches before marker, half double crochet decrease 2 times*
3-7) repeat * to * 5 times. Change to H hook
8-10) repeat * to * 3 times

We have decreased 2 stitches per row for 9 rows now. We are down to 52 stitches and the hat is nearly done. We will now decrease a bit more aggressively so it really hugs the top of your head to show off that messy bun!

11) hdc, dec hdc around to the marker
12) dec hdc around to marker.
13) sc around to marker, slip stitch into the first stitch of the row and FASTEN OFF! *confetti*

Weave in your heads, take a picture, post it to Instagram and tag me (Im MelodyCrochet).

Keep warm guys!

With love,



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