Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY meets repurposing

I am a sucker for a DIY project...and when I stopped using paper towels and began using old rags I jumped on the bandwagon of creating my own "paper towels" pretty quickly after seeing a post about it. Same day...same morning, actually. Thank you Cottontail Babies and Pinterest! I am not sorry. But, even though I jumped in with both feet I have been procrastinating on a HUGE step in the cloth towel transition. A wet bag. Seriously...its nasty. Soggy towels after every meal add up quickly to sit in the designated spot of the day waiting for the next mornings laundry.

I cant keep them on my DIY'd counters...the paint will peel.

I cant keep them anywhere the baby would reach them.

I cant put them in the laundry basket...gross.

But, I day after day I procrastinated about making a wet bag to hold them. I think its the zipper. As crafty as I feel, I still haven't attached a zipper. I have quite the beautiful zipper collection. But I am an elastic girl, fold over yoga waists are my friend.

So, being green is important and so is being clean. But, the most important thing of all you can contribute to the world is being nice to yourself. I don't want to make a wet bag...so I am repurposing!

My Barbie lunchbox now has a home on the microwave and a new job! 

I get to be compassionate to myself and not force myself to craft something half-heartedly and I get to look at my Barbie lunchbox everyday now!

It makes me smile. It originally housed my manual breast pump when I was working after having the Izzy. He went to the office with me...but a few times daddy wanted to keep him home with him.

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