Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sun Hat

I am making a pattern from CAPs Crochet and Crafts to make myself a bucket hat for the summer. I am going to make it in royal blue Impeccable yarn by Loops and Threads. I really like Impeccable is comparable to Vanna yarn but denser. Vanna is great for knitters, I hear. But, my knots tend to smoosh a bit when I use it. I still do sometimes if I fall in love with a color. Vanna has a really pretty pink.

Back to my sun hat! It took about two hours of frequently interrupted crochet time. The shells were very easy, but I opted to only do three rows. That made plenty of brim for me.

CAPs also had a great hat sizing tip. I rarely bring the math into my sizing. I tend to make a rectangle swatch, measure it and plan the number of stitches from that. But, I like her method too...

"Hat Sizing Tip: Measure around head just above eyebrows (keeping tape level) and divide that measurement by 3.1416. The result is the width your crown circle needs to be before continuing to Rnd 9. Example, head measures 22” around; 22 ÷ 3.1416 = 7.0028; Crown circle needs to be 7”. "

Thanks Cathy! It doesn't look like she has blogged for a bit, but I am adding her to my bloglovin' just in case. She created some really cute and functional patterns.

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