Monday, August 27, 2012

Fitting Crochet In My Day

I can't crochet in a state of disarray. I am not the neatest person around. But, if there is clutter or a huge to do list it makes my ADD itch. I cannot relax and enjoy my work at all.

Some things that have to be handled before I can enjoy crochet:

  • My nails have to be nice. If they are chippy they snag my yarn. And if the paint is chipped I feel frumpy and it bugs me. Hence, my weekly nail posts. 
  • My house has to be picked up and NO dishes in the sink. It kills my ADD to be surrounded by clutter . 
  • I have to have exercised. I can't enjoy my yarn if I feel sedentary. 
  • I have to have dinner planned. Preferably in a crockpot already. It is unfailing that if I sit down to crochet I will get TOTALLY into my project, excited to see how it will turn out, have a tricky pattern that I have just gotten in stride...and someone will say they are hungry. Or..."whats for dinner?".

I have a morning routine, a home-school schedule, a night time routine and a handful of odds and ends that are scheduled each day of the week. All of these are entered in my google calendar and message is sent to my phone when its time for me to do something. If I want a big window of time to work I just peek at my calendar and get everything done all at once in the morning. Its a breeze and takes a huge load off of my mind. 

I also love online timers!

There are a few things that make sure to do each day that guarantees the next day will be a good day.
  • Meditate
  • Yoga before bed
  • Get to bed by midnight
  • Pack lunches the night before while I am preparing dinner
  • Start the next mornings load of laundry before bed
  • Run the dishwasher -My oldest knows to unload it in the morning if the "clean" light is on.
  • Clean out my purse. 
  • Always keep my keys in my purse -EVERYTIME. 
  • Protein shake before bed -It makes me feel better the next morning no matter how early I rise.
  • Wash my face and moisturize before bed -It helps to wake up feeling your prettiest.
I wish you many many awesome morning!

Here is a little something from my trip to Target this afternoon. 

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