Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Perfect Food Raw Drink Mix

Today I was at Sprouts and found a chocolate flavored greens drink mix...Raw even! Had to try it. I like chocolate a little bit. :)

It is Garden of Life brand Perfect Food Raw Oraganic Green Superfood in Chocolate!

I was really excited that I didn't have to buy an entire canister just to test it. I just bought one packet. 

 I mixed it with a cup of water and lots of ice. The taste was not so bad. The smell bugged me. But a straw took care of that. I do not think I would add this to my morning smoothie. But, it is MUCH preferable over my plain flavored greens drink.

And pretty, too! LOL

I would like to note that when I drink a green superfood shake in the afternoon I do not crave my 3 o'clock coffee. It gets me through my evening rush beautifully without the urge to snack while I am making dinner. Which makes the ugliest muck look beautiful to me! 

Take care,

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