Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crocheter goes to the Fair!

Today I went to the fair! It was a great time. Just me and the boys since the husband is working. I took lots of pics and when I got home I realized I love yarn. You would think I would know that by now...but it really comes out in my pictures. It drives the point home.


I carried my three year old on my back in a mei tai carrier I made a few years ago. He was asleep here. But in the "Genius" exhibit they had an area devoted to the woman that brought baby carrying to the U.S.!

 This is so cute! ...can't tell inside the cellophane but it is a basic bangle with the strips of rhinestones that they sell in the trip area at Hobby Lobby hot glued to it! I will be making this.

 The christmas throw is a star afghan. I love it!

 How precious! A crocheted Raggety Anne and Andy!

 I think I need this blanket. It was HUGE and had a ruffled trim. Love!

 Halloween is my favorite holiday...the candy corn throw is incredible.

 Tunisian...with crosstitched flowers. Beautiful!

 Purple. Nuff said!


 I have never made a doily. I think I may need to make one...

 My Christmas tree this year WILL have alot of feathers on it.

 Crocheted Doll Clothes!


 What a stunning afghan and pillow set!

 Tunisian birds. This is just gorgeous!


 I love the lettering done on the double crochet...I have only used single crochet for lettering up until now. I may have to change that.

 This pillow is required somewhere in my home.

This rag rug was done in a shiny nylon fabric. It turned out really nice.


 I love red, black and white!

 This may be the year that I make my flag afghan.

 My swap partner needs a shawl.

 Aghan love!



 I see many crochet chains in my future. Maybe a black and yellow for halloween?

Such a happy afghan. I love this one.

I love the fair. It is so full of ideas and inspiration. If you got all the way through my pictures...thank you!


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