Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Already?! *collapses into chair*...when did this happen? Well, even though this year has FLOWN by I am still very, very into the holidays this year.

I have always loved the holiday season. But, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind! Marriage, moving twice (the last move was into our first house...hello epic amount of firsts), pregnancy, my first baby became a teen (gads), we began homeschooling, pregnancy and alas...a toddler. So much love. So much luck. But BOY-O-BOY did I spent the last couple of holiday seasons in a hustle.

Things are still wild around here. But, at the moment we have established a rhythm. Enough of a rhythm to settle in and start some traditions. To really "get into" the holidays more than we have the last couple of years. I looooove the holidays. So much glitter, decor, crafting, warm fluffy fun.

My goal for the holidays is one (probably pinterest inspired) craft per day! I am hoping to find a group that will share this with me. Community can really MAKE this time of year, don't you think?

Crocheting in the Etsy shop for the holidays can be overwhelming. But, I will keep it open until I feel overwhelmed. Yesterday, I made a wolf hat for a friend and I want to share how I did that.

Thank you for stopping by. Its a pleasure to see your pretty face!

Oh! I stopped by the mall today and got the baby his FIRST Santa pic ever. I know its sad...thats just how crazy the holidays were for the last few years! *deep, delighted breath*


And while I was there I grabbed a new lipstick! Kat Von D's Ever lasting Love Lipstick in Outlaw. I am selling Avon now (come here to like my Avon page buy from me!!) Avon has some AWESOME red lipsticks! But, I still cannot stay out of Sephora at this time of year. ALL THOSE PALETTES! I saw it and had to have it. Its the perfect red and has some severe staying power. A mommy needs tough lipstick if she has any hopes of it staying on all day.


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