Monday, January 7, 2013

Dory by Lisa Gutierez

I made this up last night after my swap package arrived. In my package was two skiens of BEAUTIFUL Red Heart Boutique Unforgetable in Tidal. GORGEOUS colorway. Pretty sheen to it. Worked up nicely and felt like I got alot of of the skeins.

Isn't it pretty!?

So I saw it and knew I had to get right to work finding an awesome pattern to use this yarn in. I found Dory by Lisa Gutierez. A beautiful shawl with scalloped edging. This is my first shawl. I dont consider myself a "shawl" person. It brings to mind Little House on the Prairie or mental pictures of sobbing women wrapped up in them. Kind of a downer and not terribly sexy. I have admired MANY shawls...they are amazing ways to display a gorgeous yarn or stitch. Just not for me.

But, I decided to give it a try.

Here is what came out of it. I spent all last night working on it!

But, this shawl is different. Made with this thin, lightweight yarn, with just a little shine it is more like a scarf...with shape and detailed edging. As a matter of fact I wore it tonight and it was just wrapped around my neck like a scarf.

Here is a link to the patterns website and here is a link to her pattern on ravelry. Enjoy!! If you decide to make one please send me a pic!!

I think my next yarn purchase online (can't find this in my stores) will be Red Heart Boutiques Unforgettable in Dragon Fly. LOOK at this color.

It would make some AMAZING fingerless gloves for springtime. Im a pushover when it comes to a royal blue that electric.
The rest of my swap package was really awesome, too! Books and journals and tea, oh my!


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