Thursday, January 10, 2013

Night Owl

I swear I cannot get myself to bed at a decent hour! Am I the only one? The days with the kids are crazy. I homeschool so I have them both. Then in the afternoon there are always errands to run. I try to make Tuesday "errand day". But, something always pops up (i.e. I am out of milk, we need something for dinner, I need a certain kind of yarn to complete an order). When I get back home and my husband arrives from work I then hit the evening craziness. Dinner for us, feeding the pets, baths (usually thats the husband because he is an ANGEL!), jammies, teeth, reading, bed time. And for my oldest bedtime is closer to 10:00 now. So, when I finally get it all done I just love to celebrate by staying up so late that the next day I would be exhausted if I woke up at a decent hour. would be 3AM every night if I had my way.

So, what do I fill my nights with? Brace yourself. Its exciting:

TV...If I have to crochet something then I like some mindless chatter in the background. Lately, I have been on a Desperate Housewives marathon because they have all 8 seasons on Netflix. It makes me laugh but has enough suspense to keep me interested. I thought Susan was my favorite but post AA Bree kinda rocks. I am almost to the end of season 7 now.

Nashville...have you seen it? The show is new, but I dig the country aspect to it. The women wear great makeup and the guys aren't all complete scumbags. Yet. It's still early.

Biggest Loser. Jillians back! The show is useless to me without Jillian. I am a former personal trainer so Biggest Loser is right up my alley. Really, makes me want to workout afterward. It's nice.

And I Workout...after the kids and the husband go to bed I love to do yoga, aerobics...I have about 70 DVDs. It what I hoard. I don't keep them in their boxes so it really doesn't take up too much space. The hardest part is choosing which DVD to do. When I finish this blog here I am going to go do Bryan Kests Power Yoga. If you do yoga you MUST try this. He is awesome. He will ring you out, inspire you and bring you to a happy place everytime! ...and its an old DVD. From the 90s. He wears cutoff jeans, no shirt and has this super long flowing mane of curls. Ahhhh the 90s. And one of the students he is teaching is Seane Corn. She was nearly as ADORABLE and beautiful then as she is now. 

I am also attacking Beachbodys Insanity. I am not a Beachbody Coach. It seems everyone online that mentions doing Insanity is also trying to sell it. I bought mine on Amazon for WAY less money. I haven't been great about doing it yet. Its haaaaard. But, I will get on that.

Here is Shaun T from Insanity in the ONLY pic I could find him in with a shirt on. He is awesome and inspiring. I like him!

I also Read! But, I am not focused enough to be able to read while the kids are awake. Maybe when the baby gets older. My Christmas present this year was a Kindle Fire HD. OMG! If you crochet you NEED one. It holds PDFs. I never used to like to buy patterns because I would inevitably lose the file on my computer and if I printed it out it was just a mess. But, now I have all of my patterns on my Kindle. With me. Always. <3 It also lets me use Android apps on it and watch Netflix and Youtube...take pictures. Its amazing. Oh...and I can buy books without feeling like a hoarder. I only allow myself one hoard and thats the workout/yoga DVDs (oh...and some yarn)...

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