Saturday, May 18, 2013

I got a present!! Spring Swap Package. :)

Pretty packages wrapped up in colorful paper!

She sent yarn! Peruvian Cotton. Its so soft. I just love it!
Berocco Vintage in a beautiful navy blue. This is going to make the most beautiful hat! I cannot wait to get started!
She sewed this beautiful project bag with a little pocket on the side. I am in love. AND this cute little purse on a key fob with little crystals on the side.
Yummy treats!! (The chocolate mints have disappeared...must have gotten lost somewhere).
Fabric and glitter and springy boxes. I love the way the purple flowers pop against the turquoise int he fabric. I not sure what they will become just yet. Hmmm...
And there it is. You would think this was more than enough. A perfect and wonderful present. But...there is more. If you can believe that. I opened up one of those springy little boxes and found SOCKS!


Socks!!!!! Beauiful, soft, emeraldy-green, hand knitted socks! I love them. My toddler got me sick so its the perfect time to be wearing hand knitted socks. They just make you feel better.
LOL I didnt notice my Pickles paws in the background when I was taking the pictures. I love her.

There it is! In all its glory. I feel like such a lucky swap partner. She really outdid herself. I am spoiled rotten.

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