Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tricorne Pirate Hat Crochet Pattern

Im taking part in the summer nerd games and this is my first entry. :) Its a pirate tricorne hat like the ones found in Limsa Lominsa in FFXIV

Just a quickie pattern if you want to make one like it! :)

Items You Need
Red Yarn -RHSS
Heather Grey Yarn - RHSS
G Hook
Stitch Marker (I use a little piece of contrasting yarn and just pull it out and replace it at the beginning of each row so I dont lose my place when working in the round)
Yarn Needle

I started in the center of the hat forming the "beanie" of it first. My gauge with Red Heart on a G Hook is 4st x 4st gives me one square inch. The drop on this hat is only 7" dont want it to come down to your eye brows before you begin the brim or it will look really odd. So the beanie portion is 22" wide and the drop is 7".

I worked in the round and did NOT slip stitch chain one at the end of each row. I used a stitch marker and just kept working in the circle.

The hat only uses single crochet. When I say "sc inc" it means sc two times in that one stitch. :)

Row 1) 6 sc in a magic loop circle. Cinch your circle closed and continue to row 2 (6)
2) sc increase in each stitch around (12)
3) *sc, sc inc* around (18)
4) *sc 2 times, sc inc* around (24)
5) *sc 3 times, sc inc* around (30)
6) *sc 4 times, sc inc* around (36)
7) sc around (35)
8) *sc 5 times, sc inc* around (42)
9) sc around (42)
10) *sc 6 times, sc inc* around (48)
11) sc around (48)
12) *sc 7 times, sc inc* around (54)
13) sc around (54)
14) *sc 8 times, sc inc* around (60)
15) *sc 9 times, sc inc* around (66)
16) sc around (66)
17) *sc 10 times, sc inc* around (72)
18) sc around (72)
19) *sc 11 times, sc inc* around (78)
20) *sc 12 times, sc inc* around (84)
21) *sc 13 times, sc inc* around (90)
22-26) sc around (90)

That was it for the part that sits on your head...we are now continuing on to the brim. No need to fasten off ...just keep working in the round.

27) *sc 6 times, sc inc* around (102)
28) *sc 7 times, sc inc* around (114)
29) *sc 8 times, sc inc* around (126)
30) *sc 9 times, sc inc* around (138)
31) *sc 10 times, sc inc* around (150)
32) *sc 11 times, sc inc* around (162)
33) *sc 12 times, sc inc* around (174)
34) *sc 13 times, sc inc* around (186)
35) sc around (186) Slip Stitch, Fasten off.

Attach Gray Yarn

36) *sc 14 times, sc inc* around (198)
37) *sc 15 times, sc inc* around (210)
38) sc around (210) Slip Stitch, Fasten off.

I made the end where I fastened off the back of the hat.

Now you have a great big, floppy hat. Turn the hat inside out so that when you fold the edges up in a "tricorne hat shape" the "right side" is facing out on the sides.

Like this...

I figured it is more important that the sides that everyone can see are the right side of the crochet fabric, as opposed to the top of the hat...fewer people will see that.

After flipping it "inside out" just shape it however want it to look. It is about personal preference. I did not want my edges to be too sharply folded. I like the rounded corners. Once you find how you want it to look then just use the complimentary yarn, cut a few strands and sew it to keep it that shape.

Just a Note: When you are sewing the outside just enter a stitch and take the working yarn into a hole that is above and on stitch to the right or left. Just like you are cross-stitching. This will make the stitching nearly impossible to see. I learned this by "accident".

I sewed the red and then I sewed a few strands through the gray also. It curled a bit before I stitched through the gray a few times.

Finished product! :)


  1. Hi,
    I would love to make your wonderful pirate hat for my 14 month old but being an absolute beginner I have absolutely no idea how to make it smaller, I would really appreciate it if you could spare the time to help me.
    Kind Regards

  2. Thank you for the great pattern. It was just what I was looking for to finish my Halloween costume. The pattern was easy to follow and worked up beautifully. I did mine in all black it only took me a few hours over two evenings. I had a broach of a skull with crossed swords and gem eyes that I placed on the front brim. Love it!

  3. Any ideas about how I might block this hat? It looks great, but I would like to smoo the edges out a little

    1. I am assuming you mean before you sew the sides to the dome of the hat to form the tricorne AND that you used acrylic yarn. I would grab a bowl that is close to the size of your head and place it face down on a towel or blocking mat. Pop the hat on the bowl and secure it to the bowl at the base with a tie (cotton yarn or a shoelace is doesn't stretch). Then spritz the hat with water from a spray bottle. It doesn't have to get very wet at all for acrylic. Then pin those edges out with a bunch of t-pins. It will dry in no time and hopefully be a shape more to your liking.

      I didnt have to block my tricorne but this is how I have blocked other brimmed hats. Hope this helps! Mel

  4. I am sorry I read this twice but couldn't find the size. What approximate size is this pattern intended for? Thank you!

  5. Can I make this for an adult who may have a big head?