Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Its been a good long time since I have suffered with the procrastination that I am pushing through at this moment. There are many things that cause procrastination. Perfectionism. Lack of Focus. Fear of Failure. But, for me right now it is task anxiety. I just do not feel like taking the plunge into anything new right now.

In the fall I like to settle into warm, friendly, easy  stuff. Right now my to-do is full of stressful, decision-filled tasks that I don't really have any idea how they will turn out. Intimidating for me.

I need to design two new hats and sew an apron. By tomorrow. I have pushed it off for so long that the moment is here.

So, how do we get past the urge to procrastinate?

Visualization and Discipline!

I just visualize it already done. When something diverts my attention I tell myself no...not until this is finished! And then I remember how good it feels to finish something.

So on with the yarn!! *waves hook*

PS...I am so excited. I finished painting my kitchen. It took forever to choose a green. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Windows 8 Windows+ Shortcut Keys

Recently I got Windows 8. I got home and found that there was an update. It was free and easy. "Windows 8.1" (I just googled it for the download).
Since we play video games we had a little struggle getting the computer to bipass the integrated graphics card and recognize the beefy one I needed to play Final Fantasy 14 online without lag. We had to access boot menu and enable/disable somethings. It was a hard half hour! 
But now that it is working I am getting to know Windows 8(.1) and like it (kinda). I am a simple girl. I didnt need new apps/bells/whistles on my PC. But, they are here and that is fine. The list before is what you can pull up with the Windows icon key on your keyboard when you hold it down with other letters and symbols. Its a little more reliable that the swiping. 

Useful Windows Shortcut Keys –
  1. WINDOWS key – to switch between desktop and modern(metro) interface
  2. ALT+TAB – to switch between apps recently opened
  3. WINDOWS+C – open the Windows 8 charms
  4. WINDOWS+Q – see all apps
  5. WINDOWS+X – very handy to see the control panel
  6. WINDOWS+Z- to see app bar properties down
  7. WINDOWS+Q- search the apps
  8. WINDOWS+D – to get desktop interface
  9. WINDOWS+F – to search a file
  10. WINDOWS+TAB – modern taskbar
  11. WINDOWS+I – to get settings
  12. WINDOWS+R – run dialog
  13. WINDOWS+L – to lock the computer
  14. WINDOWS+P – switch to presentation
  15. Hold WINDOWS plus – Zoom in
  16. Hold WINDOWS minus – Zoom out