Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trader Joe's

I have been in Texas for nearly a year and one thing has been desperately missing from my life. Trader Joe's. We have one relatively close but I have not had inclination to get over there. Then yesterday morning I decided that enough is enough and I made the voyage. Part of me was scared that it would be different here. Like Inn-N-Out. *pout*

But, I turned the corner and there it was!

 I heard heavenly music over the kids complaining. (There is a makeup store two doors scared them. Ulta is never the quick trip I tell them it will be.)

I didn't get a haul picture and I really wish I had. But some of the massively exciting (for me!) parts were:

The Blueberry & Pomegranate Unsweetened Green Tea tastes refreshing and earthy. It feels so good...hydrating and energizing. So portable in the pretty green bottle. I can keep one in my bag all the time to keep me off the crack (Diet Coke and Starbucks). 

I also love the containers of fruit...peaches and nectarines...and apples...and bananas. I could go on. But I hit the veggies pretty hard, too. Huge portabello mushsrooms and asparagus. My husband was thrilled. I grabbed a head of cauliflour, sliced it thick and made two cauliflour steaks by coating them with a little coconut oil, salt and chili pepper...then I baked them along with the extra florettes that didn't make it into steak form...for about half an hour. I flipped it a few times. Really hearty. 

These Green Tea Mints are soooo yummy. I wouldn't have thought that the flavors would meld well. But, they really do. Its a nice smooth mint in a super cute little leaf shape. 

Tonight we are sauteing the asparagus and having it with their meatballs. They have two kinds...turkey and italian-style beef (and a "party style" that I have never tried. But I am curious). Both with no preservatives or artificial coloring. They cook up super fast and they can go in anything! Sandwiches, spaghetti, can eat them alone. They are delicious and have lots of protein to keep me from getting cranky.

But, I think my favorite part of the Trader Joe's experience is the flowers. They have the best flower display when you walk in and the prices are just so low...I can't say no. If $3.00 is going to keep fresh flowers on my counter for me to look at while I am doing dishes then I am a much happier girl. This time I got sunflowers. They are my husbands favorite. They really brightened him up. He came home early from work yesterday feeling sick (since Saturday). The Texas weather is crazy right now. The humidity and would hardly think we were in late June and a drought. Every time we have a storm I wonder what on earth our area is doing with the rain are we still in this drought? So odd!

So, I will end with this awesome picture of the Trader Joe's floral display...low prices, tin buckets and all. I love it!

P.S. I don't work for Trader Joe's...but you would think I did. I wonder if they get a good back to my yarn.