Melody Crochet Podcast Episode 30! (1500?!)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hi friend!

I just posted the 30th episode of the Melody Crochet Podcast and celebrated 1500 subscribers!
(Thanks guys!!) Like always, I discussed my crochet, knitting, other crafts as they applied.

I finished knitting a pair of socks that went so fast. And I have started making a tutorial for a my
"Independence Kimono" and an off the shoulder top. I reviewed ZZ Twist by Lion Brand this last week and
will post that in a day or so and I will be sure to let you know about it here on the blog.
(spoiler...its yarn. I like it).

I had lots of crochet time on the road and while visiting places because this week was Izzys Birthday!!! He is nine now, guys. Nine! Remember when I was here and showing you the first tiny things I made for him? Oh, the feels are so strong on birthdays. I am so proud of the kind, strong, peaceful little man he has become. I could just explode. It has been a wild year and he has really helped keep our family grounded.

We got him a drum set. Yes, a drum set. 

While celebrating I went ahead and made some home purchases. I am thinking that I need another youtube channel for the non-yarn related stuff that. I feel completely comfortable sharing that here with the blog...but I feel hesitant on the Youtube channel. I worry that my friends there might just be after the yarn content. I will meditate on this for the week and decide. There are several things that I haven't shared because I didn't want to bore anyone. That is not like me!

I am also really excited to share my progress on some other projects this week, designing some projects and getting ready for the holiday shop. This is the time of year that I start thinking about the holidays. I blame Hobby Lobby for putting up the Christmas Decorations. It is delightful in the heat of Texas...but it does make you feel just a little pressure.

I talk a lot about my new yarn that I purchased for the #SummerRomanceAlong with CrochetLuna. It was not on purpose. The subject of the yarn just kept coming up in the conversation. My theme is Buffy and Spike. But, I lean more toward Spike Drucilla. #teamspuffy

I hope that you take the time (30 minutes, specifically) to hang out with me on this fine day. Grab a project to work on and a nice cup of something.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them! I love to converse...if you are wondering where to connect...

Lets Connect!

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MelodyCrochet Podcast Group on Ravelry:

The knitty gritty:


  1. Hedgehog City Roller Socks


  1. Independence Kimono out of I Love This Cotton in Turquoise on a K hook
  2. Latitia Socks for the 80s Along out of Lion Brand Cupcake (Tutu Much)on a D hook
  3. Off the Shoulder Top out of ZZ Twist in Peacock on an I Hook


What Have I Done

Errol and Amber gift yarn!
Mad Tosh Yarn - Brienne of Tarth Battles a Bear in Euro Sock
Mad Tosh Yarn - The Red Woman in Euro Sock
Mad Tosh Pin
Mad Tosh Yarn - Denarys Unicorn Tail


This week I have the 1500 subscriber giveaway on MelodyCrochet youtube channel. Here are the details and rules and stuff about that...

The 1500 Subscriber Giveaway is in no way affiliated with Youtube or Instagram. The items were purchased with my own money and you can enter the contest if you comment below with an idea about what I should call the thing in the video that I asked you to name. The result will be drawn at random before I podcast on 8/8/18 at 7am. So that is the cut off! If you have questions, comments or concerns please send me a message on Instagram. Also if you would like to add to my little prize pile please see my about section for a physical address and let me know that you are sending something so I can keep an eye out. Thank you and best luck!!!

HDC Beanie Crochet Pattern

Monday, July 23, 2018

How to Make the Half Double Crochet Beanie!

I have made 1000's of these. Thousands!

This is a fast and easy pattern that you can literally dress up in any way! You can make this into a character, you can make this frilly, add a button or an applique. Or just wear it plain and keep warm! It's so versatile.

The pattern has a Small, Medium and Large Adult size included.

1 Skein Size 4 Worsted or Aran Weight Yarn (Red Heart Super Saver or Vanna's Choice work well!)
1 Size I/9 5.5mm Crochet Hook
1 Yarn Needle
1 Scissors

The Free Printable PDF Pattern can be found by clicking here!

If you do not want to download anything then just keep scrolling down for the pattern. I understand that!

I also made you a Video Tutorial! I hope you enjoy the company while you crochet like I do!

HDC Beanie

By MelodyCrochet copywritten 2015 - Enjoy! (and by enjoy I mean share on social media and tag me because I love to see what you guys make!!)

This is the base for so many of my character hats. If you are using it for a plain hat use something soft and plush...if you are making a character hat I highly suggest Red Heart Super Saver! It is just so much better when you sew things on it and attach anything with glue.

Stitch Legend
Ch - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
HDC -  Half Double Crochet
FO - Fasten Off
MC - Magic Circle
IncHDC - Increase Half Double Crochet
5oz Size 4 Worsted Weight/Aran Yarn
I Hook/Size 5.5mm
Yarn Needle to weave in Ends


Small:  18” around and 8” Deep
Medium: 21” around and 9” Deep
Large: 23” around and 10” Deep


All Sizes
Row 1) 9HDC in a magic circle (9), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 2) IncHDC into each stitch across (18), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 3) HDC, IncHDC across (27), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 4) HDC, HDC, IncHDC (36), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 5) HDC around (36), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 6) HDC, HDC, HDC, IncHDC (45), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 7) HDC, HDC, HDC, IncHDC (54), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 8) HDC Around (54)
Size Small Stop and continue at Row “Small Row 12”

Row 9) HDC, HDC, HDC, HDC, IncHDC (63), SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2
Row 10) HDC Around (63)
Size Medium Stop and continue to Row “Medium Row 12”

Row 11) HDC, HDC, HDC, HDC, HDC, IncHDC (72)
Size Large Continue on to Row “Large Row 12”

Small Row 12-20) HDC Around, SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2 (54)
Medium Row 12-22) HDC Around, SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2 (63)
Large Row 12-24) HDC Around, SS into the first HDC of the row and ch 2 (72)

After you have finished all of your rows for your hat size:

Last Row) Ch 1 and SC at the base of Ch 1 and across, SS into the first stitch of the row and FO. Weave in ends.

Melody Crochet Podcast Episode 29

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hi! This week on my crochet and knitting podcast I finished a crochet hat and shawl this week. And started a knitted shawl by Stephen West. I am really excited to share that and my progress on some other projects! I talk a lot about different Lion Brand yarn this week. Not on purpose. They just kept coming up in the conversation. LOL

The shownotes are in this post if you keep scrolling. 

A little about me? My favorite things to make are hats, shawls, blankets and socks. I love yarn, tea, coffee and making. I hope to share that love with you.

Lets Connect!

Instagram: MelodyCrochet


Fringe Triangle Shawl - MelodyCrochet - N Hook - Lion Brand Heartland
Owl Be A Messy Bun Beanie- Knots of Love with Jess - H Hook and Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda


Hedgehog City Rollers - Rose City Rollers - Hedgehog Fibers Potluck - Size 1 ChiaoGoo Bamboo DPNsStripify - Steven West - Many different sock weight/fingering weight yarns - Size 5 Nova Platina Knitting Needles
Independence Kimono - MelodyCrochet - TBA
Laticia Socks - Ling Ryan - Lion Brand Cupcake in Tutu Much - Size D Clover Crochet Hook


Off the Shoulder Top

What Have I Done

Ikea Bag and Notion Pouches
Elite Le Gran Mohair Yarn in Merlot


Pink Yarn - Crafting With Aunt Petunia
TV Along - Layered Daisy

This week



Welcome Summer with Me - Episode 28 is published!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I finished so many things this last week! I could not wait to share them all with you. So, please grab something wonderful to drink and a project...lets chat!


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Caterpillar Baby Cocoon Set with Video Tutorial

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Crochet This Caterpiller Baby Cocoon and Hat set with me! This is sized for a newborn and perfect for newborn photography. Feel free to go up or down one hook size to accommodate if a bigger or smaller baby is expected.

The Materials Needed:

You will need red, yellow, brown and three shades of green yarn in a size 4 worsted weight acrylic. Here is the yarn I used:

One Skein Each:
Red Heart Super Saver CHERRY (Red)
Red Heart Super Saver SPRING (Medium Green)
Red Heart Super Saver PADDY (Dark Green)
Red Heart Super Saver HONEY DEW (Light Green)

Small Amount of:
Red Heart Super Saver LEMON (Yellow)
Red Heart Super Saver COFFEE (Brown)

I Hook
F Hook 
My Yarn Scissors
Yarn Needles

This description includes affiliate links and I might get financial compensation if you choose to click them. I appreciate your support SO much. Thank you! (((hugs)))

Yarn Review! Red Heart Its a Wrap AND Its a Wrap Rainbow

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hi guys! Nice to see you all and I hope you are doing well. Guess what!

I did a yarn review on Red Hearts new yarn cakes "Its a Wrap" and "Its a Wrap Rainbow" 

Both are very pretty. Let's discuss the differences really quick. 

Its A Wrap

"Its a Wrap" has super cute movie-related names and a nice strong contrast between the three colors in each cake. No gradient at all. It is bold, clean and modern. In store, you will find it in the crochet thread area of your local Michaels. There are 7 beautiful colorways!  and they are running $9.99 in store and at Its a bit less if you use this link and buy it at Amazon


It's A Wrap Rainbow

"It's a Wrap Rainbow" is a polar opposite. Colors are bright and tropical. It romantically melts one color into the next. The yarn is made of 4 untwisted stands and the colors change by altering the color of each strand independently. This is a bit more work because you need to put in the effort to be certain that you pull up all 4 of these strands each time you pull up a loop. But the effect is nearly "optical illusion" addictive and I cannot get enough. It's lovely and the fabric you create is so light and perfect for the summertime. I have a few of the pricier cakes of this type from Etsy and I share a comparison in the video review above. (Watch Here!

The Price is 11.99 at Joann's or on or you can purchase here on Amazon

Thanks for visiting with me. If you have any questions or a request for a yarn that you would like to see reviewed please let me know in the comments! Take care!


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Kelsey Shawl

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I just fastened off my beautiful Kelsey Shawl. This was such a fun, quick and lovely crochet shawl to make. It took just one ball of Lion Brand Mandala. I used the Wizard Colorway.

I did a little bit of yarn cake surgery to omit the yellow. I chose to go up one size on the hook to produce a drapier and airy shawl for this Texas climate. It took me about 5 rows of the pattern repeat to get the pattern down and then I just used a progress keeper on both sides to keep from crochet too few or too many stitches per row. Got to love that clean and pretty edge.

I would love to try this in some cotton! I think it would be amazing.

Thanks for joining me today! Have a good one <3

Please note that my blog posts usually contain affiliate links. I make a commission if you choose to use them. Thank you so much for your support! It really makes my day to make money doing what I love.

Succulent Pot Baby Cocoon

Friday, May 11, 2018

Ohhh its baby season again! They are everywhere. Absolutely adorable. You know what else is everywhere? Succulents. Succulents and Cacti as far as the eye can see in art, stickers, name it. But, not newborn photography. Until now. Here is my contribution to the cactus madness. My succulent baby cocoon. It's an interesting crochet that won't take you too long. And the finish project will make any new parent smile. So, grab a hook and lets play!

Here is what you will need:
Size H/5mm Crochet Hook
2 Colors of Size 4/Medium Weight Yarn.
Examples: Red Heart Super Saver in Redwood and Red Heart With Love Minty
Yarn Needle
Measuring Tape

And here is a link to the free PDF

As always if you see something on my blog that you like and you do not want to make it yourself then feel free to contact me for a custom order on Etsy. Be sure to use the hashtag #succulentbabycocoon if you post pictures of your make.

Take care and see you next time!

Here is the Video Tutorial!

This post contains affiliate links and if you click them I might be compensated financially. Thank you SO much for your support. It really means the world to me. 

Crochet Gauge and a Vanna's Choice Review

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hello! Today we are crocheting a swatch. I do this with all new yarns to see how they behave. I will be using Lion Brand Vanna Solid in Aqua and a J Hook. It's a great way to see what hook you want to use, how a yarn washes up, and a way to compare it to other yarns that you have also swatched. I find it very relaxing, too. So grab a hook and some yarn and let's have fun!

If you are swatching:

sock or fingering weight yarn use a D hook
dk or sport weight yarn use a F hook
worsted or aran use a J hook
super bulky would need a N hook and perhaps cute the stitches in half.

So...about the Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. I feel silly even reviewing this yarn. It feels like such a standard yarn. It is really what I gauge other yarns against. But, in the name of science I will move on with this!

I hope that you enjoy. :) Please like and subscribe.

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Podcast Episode 23 Show Notes!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing well. I posted podcast episode 23 this evening. I hope that you enjoy.

Here are some things that I discuss:

Finished Objects:

Rectangle Granny: J Hook and My own Pattern. I will link to it here when I make the pattern and video

Mandala Doily in Silk Roving from Darn Good Yarn. J Hook and improvised pattern.


Mandala Madness1 used an I Hook and Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
Mandala Madness 2 used an I Hook and Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Shusui Shrug using Plank and Stella Sock Yarn in "Under the Sea" on Size 5 Chiaogoo Lace 24 inch circular needles

Amma Granny Top

Hobby Lobby Flexible Mesh Tote

Hobby Lobby Large Plastic Tote

Subscription to Darn Good Yarn

Link to the #SpringDecorAlong at the MelodyCrochet Podcast Group on Ravelry

Links to My Social Media!

Instagram: MelodyCrochet
MelodyCrochet Podcast Group on Ravelry

Thank you and please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you choose to use them I greatly appreciate your support!

Review! Loops & Threads Joy DK

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hi friends! I reviewed a new yarn today!

The yarn is Loops & Threads Joy DK!

The Facts!

The weight is a Size 3/Light.
It is machine washable and low heat dryable.
They suggest an H hook but I swatched with an F hook as I always do with DK and sport weight yarns.

Long story short!

Personally, I like the yarn. 

It is a bit stretchy so I had to go up one hook size for my chain then went down to the F hook for the rest of my stitches. Otherwise, it would pucker a bit at the base. After going up the hook size it was just right.

The finish is shiny and super soft. It is not splitty. I split the yarn two times but it left no wounds and that is really good since I used a hook two sizes smaller than suggested. There is a slight squeak factor but I had no issue. If you do I would suggest a wooden or brush nickel finished hook like these.

The packaging was super cute and very convenient to work with. It came in a ball! I have never gotten yarn in a ball. I love it!

I went ahead and made a video discussing it in depth...come see if you are interested.

Is there anything else you would like to know about this yarn? Feel free to ask!


Fiber Friends Post - Meet the Husbeast

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hi friends!

I have been loving the Fiber Friends tags on youtubes yarn community. We are meeting husbands, boyfriends and kids. I decided to go with my husband. He is always a good sport. So grab a warm drink of something and a project and lets hang out!

Groovy Square - Free Crochet Pattern

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I was recently at the Groovy Coop in McKinney. A magical place filled with retro decor. Vintage Pyrex. Furniture from the 60's. Decanturs. Linens. And oh my, the wall art! And there was a big pile of vintage crocheted afghans. That is when I saw this gem. I immediately asked Amber to take my picture with it. 

The blanket was only $28 but I just knew I had to make it. When I got home I tried to find the pattern. No luck. I looked and looked and could not find it so I sat down to recreate it. It took a few tries but here it is! I want to share it with you guys! 

So here goes!

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in two complementary colors. MC (turquoise) and CC (white)


Additional Materials:


The Chain 2 and Chain 3 at the beginning of the row does count as the first stitch in this pattern.

Sue Pinner Multiwrap Magic Circle. Sue Pinner might not have invented this but she is where I learned it and her blog and patterns are so wonderful that I just have to give her credit. Wrap the yarn around one finger about five times and then proceed to work into these strands as you would into a magic circle. You only wrap around one finger because it does not cinch closed as much as a typical magic circle. If you wrap around more than one finger it will be too big of a center gap. This adds a little bulk, strength and structure to the eye of a granny square.

3dc cluster: Yarn over, insert hook into chain space, draw up a loop, yarn over and pull under two of the loops on the hook. Repeat all twice more. Yarn over and pull under all 4 loops on the hook. 

4dc cluster: Yarn over, insert hook into chain space and draw up a loop, yarn over and pull under two of the loops on the hook. Repeat all three times more. Yarn over and pull under all 5 loops on the hook.


ch - chain
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
ss - slip stitch
fo - fasten off


1) In MC. In a "Sue Pinner Magic Circle" ch 2 and 15 dc into the center of the circle, ss into the second ch of the ch 2 at the beginning of this row. Cinch your magic circle.

2) Ch 3 (counts as first dc + ch1) *dc + ch1* around 15 times, ss into the second ch of ch 3. fo (a circle with 16 spokes and 16 chains)

3) Attach CC into any ch 1 space, ch 3 and 3dc cluster in the same stitch. *ch2 4dc cluster in each space around (16 clusters and 16 chains 2 spaces) fo CC.

4) Skip over all clusters and work in the ch 2 spaces only. Attach MC into any ch2 space. ch 2 + 2dc in the same stitch,  3 dc in each of the next 2 spaces, 3dc + ch 2 + 3dc in next space to form a corner, *3 dc in each of the next 3 spaces, 3dc + ch 2 + 3dc in next ch space* repeat * to * all the way around. fo (60 double crochet stitches and 8 chains)

5) Attach CC into any corner, ch 2 + dc +dc + hdc into the same stitch. dc into each  of the 15 stitches *hdc + dc dc + hdc in the corner, dc into each of the next 15 stitches* repeat to the end of the row. ss fo.


Lets Make Heart Pompoms!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hi guys! I just posted a video making heart shaped pompoms TWO ways. The easy way, winding the yarn around my hand and shaping it after the fact. And the more labor intensive way...the Clover Heart Shaped Pompom Maker. Both, were cute...which do you prefer?


Small Scissors
Large Scissors
I Love This Yarn Solid in Tropical Pink
Heart Shaped Pompom Maker
Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread Size 10
Glittery Nail Polish 

Conversation Heart Coasters

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Crochet a Conversation Heart Coaster with Me!!

Here is a super chatty tutorial on how to crochet these cute little coasters to decorate for Valentine's Day!

I like to make my comments a little snarky.


Size H/5.00 mm crochet hook
1/2 ball of Peachs & Creme Worsted Weight 4 Ply Cotton Yarn
Yarn Needle (here's my bent tipped Clover needle)
Scissors (here's my Knit Picks Steeking Scissors)
1 Stitch Marker (Optional)
Fabric Glue - I like to glue down my ends after I weave them in. This Glue is Machine Washable and Dryable and I love how it works!!

Free Printable Pattern for this Project:
Crochet Heart Coaster PDF Pattern

I hope that you enjoy watching and making along. This is my very first video tutorial. It took me forever because I just had no grasp of my desired outcome when I first began. I am sure that my video tutorials will evolve and that I will someday look back lovingly on this one as my first.

With Love,

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