Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review! Loops & Threads Joy DK

Hi friends! I reviewed a new yarn today!

The yarn is Loops & Threads Joy DK!

The Facts!

The weight is a Size 3/Light.
It is machine washable and low heat dryable.
They suggest an H hook but I swatched with an F hook as I always do with DK and sport weight yarns.

Long story short!

Personally, I like the yarn. 

It is a bit stretchy so I had to go up one hook size for my chain then went down to the F hook for the rest of my stitches. Otherwise, it would pucker a bit at the base. After going up the hook size it was just right.

The finish is shiny and super soft. It is not splitty. I split the yarn two times but it left no wounds and that is really good since I used a hook two sizes smaller than suggested. There is a slight squeak factor but I had no issue. If you do I would suggest a wooden or brush nickel finished hook like these.

The packaging was super cute and very convenient to work with. It came in a ball! I have never gotten yarn in a ball. I love it!

I went ahead and made a video discussing it in depth...come see if you are interested.

Is there anything else you would like to know about this yarn? Feel free to ask!



  1. Hi Melody, Hope you are doing well today! Can you do a tutorial on your swatches or what stitches you used, thanks. I see Double Crochet, Granny Stitch, ????, and Scallop of some kind. Thanks for the yarn review. After watching twice I didn't hear you talk about how it washed up, if you did can you give the minute mark in video. If you didn't can you do an update and let me know, thank you! Have a Fabulous week! Happy Stitching, P

  2. Michaels here in my town now has the multi-color on clearance at $1.47 a ball! Coral Springs, Florida