Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maaaail Call

Oh I love ordering things online...because getting things in the mail is like Christmas no matter what time of year it is! Today was a double package day...

My girlfriend Joelle told me about Sanuks and I had to try them out. She made them sound so dang comfy! I love the Fiesta print! Mine arrived today and she (and they) did not disappoint. They have the feel of a really comfy, durable flip flop or several yoga mats layered on top of one another...supportive, cushy, springy. And the fabric outsides appear to be durable, too. But, they don't cut into my feet anywhere. I see more of these in my future...maybe black or navy blue next. See!

Sanuk at first step-in.

My second package was a secondhand book that I bought on Ebay. My Izzy is showing great urges to learn. He is by nature an independent boy...and I think watching big brother have school-time everyday has made his hunger for input even stronger. I considered putting Izzy into a Montessori-type preschool program since he is very close to three...then I realized that I can do it at home! So, I ordered my first Montessori preschool book.

Here it is on Amazon if you are interested. I'll will be reading it and reviewing it soon. I have heard nothing but good stuff! 

Some days I just love my mailman. <3

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