Monday, October 21, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

I have been crocheting. Quite a bit really. It kept my hands busy during the move.

This was for a swap last month. I sent Gozer a Little Red Riding Hood for her to wear.

I used the Ruadh pattern on Ravelry. It turned out beautifully. The pattern is fabulous. BUT...the stitch the body is in took much longer than I expected. So this is not a quick project.


This picture shows a little of the detail around the edge. It went all the way up one side, over the hood and down the other side. That was a long strip of crocheted cables. I got VERY familiar with the pattern.
But I am very happy with how it turned out. Hopefully it keeps her warm for a long time!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sewing A Purse

I love bags! I knew I had to be a part of the purse swap on Craftster!!!

So I joined. I get a little stressed about my sewing machine. But I am happy with how it turned out.

I sewed Spidermom a HUGE purple bag with lots of goodies to fill it up!

I even got to try felting! I felted hearts on the zipper pouch and phone case. :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fitbit One

Its a gorgeous day out. It is juuust starting to get cold. My coconut oil is solidifying in its jar. The pumpkin spice is beginning to appear everywhere I go. Pants.

This summer was eye-opening. I moved from California to Texas. I came from the desert and our temps were always comparable. But our humidity was NOTHING compared to here. The first time I went for a run I thought I was going to have to call and have someone pick me up. It felt like my lungs just lost the will to breath. Heavy. Sadly, I let the heat win. I stopped in week five of my C25K program.

But, I am back! I will begin my C25K program this week. I expect to accomplish this with flying colors now that the heat is behind me.

I also purchased a Fitbit One. I am in love. (5575 steps so far today!)

It coordinates with my food log and wearing it makes me much more likely to log my food. Sometimes that just slips my mind. For days. I even lost a few pounds this week!

If you are on the fence I highly recommend grabbing a FitBit One.

Here is a link to where they sell it on Amazon

I grabbed mine at BestBuy, thought. Once I made the decision I really wanted that instant gratification. I am not one to buy something on a whim. I thought about this for a few weeks. I am glad that I did. It has made my calorie count on MyFitnessPal SO much more accurate. Depending on how much I move during the day my calorie output can vary about 400 calories. That is not including my workouts...just my daily calorie output living my life. Sometimes I am super sedentary. When I have a big crochet project. Tuesdays I am often lazy. Its my "day off". I clean the house on Mondays...I had no problem destroying my 10K steps on cleaning day.

I have had MANY step counters. But this one is by far the most sensitive without counting steps that didn't really happen. I test it often. It also talks to my Iphone. So I log my food in MFP on my Iphone and see how many calories that I can still eat on my Fitbit App. Its a little higher than my MFP calories allow. So far its working really well.

I am very careful to log my water on Fitbit. Water is huge if you are trying to lose weight. Sometimes I forget to cram it in between cups of coffee.

Fitbit One also logs sleep. I was happy to see that I am a very efficient sleeper. I guess having two boys will do that for you. It tells me if I woke up. That's not news. But it also lets me know how many restless moments I have during the night. That is more enlightening.

So Monday morning C25K. :) The jogging stroller is ready!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

We are (finally) in Texas!!

I have so missed blogging. Since my last post we sold the house in California. It went to the most amazing young couple. I just loved them! We weren't sure that the deal would go through on their end but we gave it a try and the stars aligned just so. It was wonderful. We loved that house and our neighbors there. We are so glad that they will all have one another now.

We packed up a car, a truck and a tiny trailer and traveled from Southern California with our two boys and our two dogs...and everything we own. It took three days of driving through summer rains, dropped bags (we aren't big on boxes. We move with totes and bags). But we arrived on my brother in laws doorstep and got everything packed into a storage unit. They took us in for over a month and a half! It took a few weeks to find the house and then we had to wait for the sale to go through. Brother and Sister in law are angels. And their dogs are awesome. We had such a wonderful time getting to know them better. The boys just love them now.

My oldest is no longer homeschooling. He is in public school and just LOVING it. He never loved school in California. Not since 3rd grade did he love school. That's why homeschooling was such a blessing when we found it. But so far he is doing just great. So now its just me and the baby for one more year until he starts school, too. That opens up a huge new world of "what next" for me, too. The options are vast.

The new house!! Oh my gosh...we just love it. Its bigger than we wanted and sometimes that stinks. We are used to close quarters. Our last home was just over 900 square feet. We are used to being in the same room and hearing everything one another are up to. Hear we all have more space than we are used to. Two living rooms, two bathrooms and split bedrooms. We have slept with Izzy since he was born but he is now happily sleeping in his own room. Plus, my husband and I moved up to a king size bed from a queen. Even more space. It feels so weird!

The house is newer than our house in California. 2001. So it didn't need much work. But, it didn't feel right. So we painted the almondy-cream walls all bright white. I love bright white walls. Except the boys bedrooms. They are grey. We ripped out every inch of carpet and replaced it with vinyl plank. It looks like wood but it will hold up to our boys and the dogs much better. And us. The husband and I would be no picnic for a wood floor either. We left EVERYTHING behind in California so we got to pick out new furniture and appliances. Lots of fun! We have gotten all of this done in the week that we were waiting to have our internet put in. (Yesterday! *throws confetti*)

I have my craft area almost set up. Its all where it belongs...but not yet organized and usable. I will be DIYing some shelves. :)

Ten random things:
  • I got a haircut and I am not loving it at ALL
  • Izzy has been biting his nails and his little fingers are all red. Im thinking about trying that stuff that makes their nails taste bad.
  • Last month Izzy had TWO weeks where he was exploring tantrums. Tantrums unlike anything I have ever seen. But, we got him past it.
  • We went to Shreveport last week and met up with Joelle. We had the best time and went to SciPort. Izzy played and played. It was adorable.
  • The sky is just gorgeous here in Texas! Day and night.
  • I started a 9 day juice fast. Letting go of what no longer serves me and cleansing. Today was day one and its always the hardest day for me.
  • Errol joined the culinary program at school. He is really loving it.
  • My new neighbors are all awesome.
  • We got our Texas license plates!!
  • I recently learned that at homecoming time they have a tradition here in Texas. They call them mums. They are huge, decorative, glittery, embellished corsages with streamers and ribbons hanging from them. They are everywhere here! They look like this:
Yeah...I don't know them. That was a random google'd picture. But you get the idea. They get bigger, too.
Until next time!