Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It was a great day! I woke up to the brightest summeriest of mornings! I got my shoes on and looked down and saw the brightest every sunbeam on my livingroom carpet! Its only May and we are close to 100 degrees each day. Toasty!

I had a great meeting with Errols Educations Specialist. We chose to homeschool thru the local charter school and it has been an amazing experience. His last day of school is next Thursday and we have lots of sanctioned finals between now and then.

Then I noticed that my roots could not wait another day. My son and husband swear that people would all love to have dark brown roots and medium brown hair...to men this is "highlighting" and people pay good money for it.

Being budget conscious, I have never had my hair professionally died. When I tell people that I get a variety of looks. From concern to pity and usually a really stern talking to. I am sure that after my hair turns grey I will need professional help (in more ways than one...hullo, traumatized)...but until then I will probably go with "box color" as long as I am happy with the results.

Today I was super cheap and went with Colorsilk Luminista in Light Blond.

Its about $4 a box. Its  this is what gave me the color lightening effect in the above picture of my roots. Far from making me light blond and I am glad. And a day or two later I follow up with a toner to get the inevitable brassy orange out.

The Results...an even, lighter brown. A little brassy for a couple days, but I don't like to process more than I have to all at once. I am ready for summer!

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