Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spraypaint: A girls bestfriend

I inherited a Sunbeam Mixmaster MMA...circa 1965. I am in love. But she needed a pop of color.

Enter Rustoleum spraypaint in sky blue *swoon*

I masked her hardware off with tape and gave her a light even coat, let it dry for about five minutes. Then I gave her a good once over. I like to unmask ASAP to avoid the paint sticking to the tape better than it has adhered to the item I painted. I love it!

Then I did what I ALWAYS do when I am painting or dying something. I ran around the house looking for ANYTHING else that could be painted. 

I found a holds my ebay items that I have for sale so I don't get them confused with other items. 

Toddler not for

And I found a was dark purple and was just a little too muddy of a shade for my taste. So now it is blue.

It is sitting happily on our breakfast table that I painted yellow a few weeks ago. Isn't buttery yellow just delightful!? Please send me links to what you have transformed. I could look at makeovers alll day long. 


  1. Hi, I see this entry is a couple of years old... but I did a google search for "paint sunbeam mixmaster" and I found your blog. I was wondering if the paint has held up since? I found the very same mixer at a thrift store for $10 and I really want to paint it a fun color. I just don't want the paint to start chipping and make more work for me. Or worse, ruin it altogether! Thanks :)

  2. Oops... Also, How did you feel about painting over the logo? When I was a kid my dad used to buy me used bikes and paint them for me, but he always painted over the logos/graphics, and I hated it. All my friends had bikes with words on them, ha! Anyway, I think that it has affected my adult thinking, because I hit a speedbump when I started thinking about the Sunbeam logo and that cool lettering where it says MIXMASTER. I was wondering if I could cover it; I actually almost scrapped the idea. When I saw yours, I almost didn't even notice that the logo was gone. It occurred to me that the logo police wouldn't be coming for me. I'm ready to take the plunge. I think. Still, I wonder if you had any thoughts. Weird question, I know.