Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beanie with Headphones Pattern

Hi! Just wanted to share some morning cuteness! I have seen hats with fake headphones everywhere lately and I wanted to make one for a baby I know! I want to share with you guys how I did it. (Click here to go to my Etsy shop if you would rather I make it for you)

Here is the finished product^^ Its my first try. I might do it differently next time. I'll keep you posted.

I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I love this color...but this skein had a very crunchy feel to it. The baby recipient has a lot of hair or I would not have chosen this. I think Impeccable yarn would also work well..but Vanna or TLC would be too "floppy". This thing literally stands up, completely formed, on its own when you set it down on a table. Which is just what I want when I am using a hat to add embellishments to. If the hat too floppy you will see where you stitched or glued things on to it once it is washed once or twice. Side Note: Gluing is NEVER as good as stitching. And don't even try glue when you are sending it to someone under five years old. Whatever it is will come off. I LOVE my Liquid Stitch...but I keep it off my baby hats because in the past it has failed the child test. 


Very Basic Ribbed Beanie: 

This is 3-6 month size (16" around, 6" tall) 

You will need to know front post HDC and back post HDC. Both are super simple stitches that I learned on youtube. 

J Hook

Slip stitch, chain one and make first stitch of the next row in the same stitch as chain one (for now gaps) unless otherwise noted. Do not turn. 

Gauge for Hat: 3stitches = 1" wide

In a magic circle, HDC 8 times (8)
Row 2: HDC 2 time in each stitch (16)
Row 3: HDC around increasing in every other stitch (24)
Row 4: HDC around incresing in every third stitch (32)
Row 5: HDC around (32)
Row 6: HDC around increasing in every 4th stitch (40)
Row 7: HDC around increasing in every 5th stitch (48) 3stitches = an inch, so that was 16". Keep going here if you need to :)

Row 8--11: HDC one time in each stitch around (48), (slip stitich, chain 1)
Row 12-14: Back post Half Double Crochet (BPHDC) in same stitch as chain. BPHDC in next stitch, Front Post Half Double Crochet (FPHDC) in third stitch. *BPHDC in next stitch, BPHDC in next stitch, FPHDC in next stitch* and continue *-* all the way around. (slip stitch, chain 1). (48) 

Fasten off. 

Headphone Band:

Change to black yarn. Hold two strands together as you work and still use the J Hook.

Make a chain 28. (hold it up agains the top of the hat...if you made it bigger or smaller just make sure your chain goes almost all the way across the top. This will be forming the band of the headphones. The ends will be hidden so its not necessary to be precise. It needs to be long enough to hit the circles, but not longer than the hat is from one side, across the top, to the other side.)
Then HDC in second chain from the hook and across. 
Fasten off. 

Ear Circles: (Make 2)

Still holding two strands of black yarn together.
Row 1: HDC 9 times in a magic circle. Cinch it up, slip stitch and chain 1
Row 2: HDC 2 times in each stitch around (18) 
Fasten off. 


I sewed the band on with a very wide (basting) stitch to keep it where I wanted it placed on the hat. Then with light grey yarn on a plastic yarn sewing needle I backstitched the circles onto the hat over the band. I just kept my stitch along the edges of the circle. They are very secure. Then once the circles are attached over the ends of this band I cute the wide stitch that was attaching the band along the top of the hat so that the bad would hover over the hat a bit. I thought it was cuter this way. :)

Work in your tails and you are done! Tada!!! 

I think I will need a Melody sized one on a purple beanie before winter come. Maybe a set for the whole family for a little family picture? 

I also made time to color my hair yesterday! I went light a few months ago and was missing my black. So its back!

I love box color <3...Darkest brown all the way. *waves*


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