Saturday, December 22, 2012

Star Dishcloth

I am SO in love with this pattern. This star dishcloth works up fast and the dishcloths are amazingly functional. Not too thick, so they dry quickly. Also, not too many holes so it doesnt feel flimsy when you use it. Two thumbs up!!!

Thank you for the pattern Janelle!

I survived Christmas Crochet!!!

I am SO excited to report that all of my Christmas orders have been filled and shipped off. I have not slept for a week. It shows.

The red headband is for my swap partner. :) I love rhinestone buttons.
I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this seasons crocheting.

So much cuteness! It was a really good season. Thanks to everyone that bought my hats. Happy Holidays. :D

Monday, December 10, 2012

Park Day and Christmas Crochet

Happy Holidays! We are full swing and its just lovely. :)

My husband is home on vacation this week and we are getting lots of very-needed down time.

I closed the shop to Christmas orders last night. I have kept up well but I have 25 hats to make in the next ten days and after that I am going to want to relax with some eggnog, I think. LOL I was going to ship a few a day but it soon sunk in how CRAZY that is. I am making them all...snapping some pictures and shipping them all out together. :) What was I thinking, 20 trips to the post office? *mumbles under breath*

The weather is cooling off here. Still sunny and pretty out, though. Which is nice...I cannot STAND it when it is overcast. In an effort to socialize my tot I am trying out a new moms club this morning. We are going to a park that is new to us and having snack and playtime. I will be working on a Hello Kitty hat while I am there.

Last night I bought Insanity...the workout program from Beachbody. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I got it from Amazon so it will be just two days. I will do some before/after posts. Everyone says its pretty tough. I love a good workout! My only concerns are my knees and ankles. They can get a lil stiff after a tough workout. *fingers crossed*

I hope this finds you all well! (((hugs)))

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fall Blahs

It is not even winter yet and I have the blahs. I've been feeling a little blah the last few days. Hormones and my husband is on call. So, he is working a ton. I have been eating EVERYTHING in sight. The weather is overcast and drizzling. I went to Target today and they declined my card. I came home to find there was no reason for that to have happened. I guess it was a online.

I really need a great workout, a healthy dinner and to spend the rest of the night cuddled up with a ton of yarn. So, that is the plan. I am thinking pasta primevera with shrimp.

As far as the workout goes....I joined a gym back in June but it wasn't open yet. It finally opened last month (five months later!) and I am really not loving it. I am considering joining 24 Hour Fitness. The gym I am at is ok...but no child care and it feels really crowded with equipment. Kind of stiffling. I am hoping that I will be able to find a good deal at 24 Hour Fitness because the little guy would probably LOVE forty-five minutes with other kids a few mornings a week.

Having said that...there are some really awesome things about today.

I got my Avon order!! There is something awesome about coming home and finding boxes of Avon at your door. I got a few treasures for myself. I'll do a haul in a bit!

My little guy is LOVING He is so smart!

...and I "think" my husband is close to getting home and might be able to stay a few hours before he is called out again! *fingers crossed*