Saturday, May 25, 2013

I met a girl. She did not like some people where she worked and it was no secret. So she asked me to make them out of yarn so that she can bring them into meetings with her and tell them that they are voodoo dolls. I never would have thought of this but I really enjoyed the project! I had no pictures...just what she told me to go on. I hunted down some patterns and tweaked them alot. She was SO pleased with how they turned out.
For the man I used Snuffikins Pattern. I improvised for the suitcase and the hair. She wanted him to look really old and cranky. Thats why there is so much going on with his face.
And for her...
I used a Talkshow Host Pattern. It was from the writer of this fine blog. Allison Hoffman and Crafty is Cool. I want to make all of her patterns now. I got the biggest kick out of the high heels, I think. I have never crocheted high heels and I was not sure how that was going to work out. I did not follow the pattern exactly...her patterns are posable and I didnt add any wires.

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