Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Blog EVERY Day

So...lots of people are doing a photo a day for all of 2013. I'm going to instead challenge myself to blog at least once a day for all of 2013.

There are lots of reasons ...first of all, in order to do something well you have to practice.

One issue with this is that I do alot more than crochet so this blog is probably going to be as scattered as I am. More of a diary...with alot of crochet. Because, I do crochet alot. :) But, I have other issue (er... interests), too!

Sewing (mostly fast, easy projects)
Parenting Teen and Toddler Boys
Photography and Editing Photos
Boho Decor
Vintage Pyrex
Mid Century Furniture
I'm all over the place! LOL

My goal for this year is to stay off of Facebook so much, pick up the hook more and satisfy my social media sweet-tooth with Instagram.

So, Happy New Year (again). May your year be full of caring, peace, authenticity, kindness, creativity, beauty and accomplishments!

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