Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday with the Family

We had a really nice day today. After a morning of sleeping in we headed to our hometown to visit a friend. Then we went shopping! First off was Frys Electronics where I saw this...

CUTE! But I only collect My Melody items with red ears. The way God intended. go.

Then we went to IKEA! I'm on a new eating plan and even though today was my cheat meal day I did not want to spend it at the Ikea I walked the baby while my guys ate there.

I need a new dining set so I was mostly zoned in on that area. They have some cute ones. My decor of choice is "mid century modern"...clean lines, strong colors, bold shapes. Love it!

I feel in love with Tobias. Its so cute!

But, at $80 a chair, I will pass for now. I miss garage saling in my ghetto minivan. I could fit ANYTHING in there. But, now we have a midsize hatchback and I just cannot fit chairs or furniture in there if I am out with the baby. *sigh* There is always craigslist. Maybe I will get lucky?
Then, I chose what I wanted for my cheat meal. Pizza Hut. I had chicken alfredo pizza (three slices!) and 2 chocolate dippers. My stomach is still so full!
Tonight my focus is turning my new running shirt into a tank top with a DIY tutorial. I am scouring Pinterest looking for it.
Here is my shirt....
I know...its cocky. But, (sadly) it totally suits my personality. Heheh I am leaning toward this tutorial. But, that will have to wait until the morning.

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. Take good care!! 

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