Saturday, December 22, 2012

Star Dishcloth

I am SO in love with this pattern. This star dishcloth works up fast and the dishcloths are amazingly functional. Not too thick, so they dry quickly. Also, not too many holes so it doesnt feel flimsy when you use it. Two thumbs up!!!

Thank you for the pattern Janelle!

I survived Christmas Crochet!!!

I am SO excited to report that all of my Christmas orders have been filled and shipped off. I have not slept for a week. It shows.

The red headband is for my swap partner. :) I love rhinestone buttons.
I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this seasons crocheting.

So much cuteness! It was a really good season. Thanks to everyone that bought my hats. Happy Holidays. :D

Monday, December 10, 2012

Park Day and Christmas Crochet

Happy Holidays! We are full swing and its just lovely. :)

My husband is home on vacation this week and we are getting lots of very-needed down time.

I closed the shop to Christmas orders last night. I have kept up well but I have 25 hats to make in the next ten days and after that I am going to want to relax with some eggnog, I think. LOL I was going to ship a few a day but it soon sunk in how CRAZY that is. I am making them all...snapping some pictures and shipping them all out together. :) What was I thinking, 20 trips to the post office? *mumbles under breath*

The weather is cooling off here. Still sunny and pretty out, though. Which is nice...I cannot STAND it when it is overcast. In an effort to socialize my tot I am trying out a new moms club this morning. We are going to a park that is new to us and having snack and playtime. I will be working on a Hello Kitty hat while I am there.

Last night I bought Insanity...the workout program from Beachbody. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I got it from Amazon so it will be just two days. I will do some before/after posts. Everyone says its pretty tough. I love a good workout! My only concerns are my knees and ankles. They can get a lil stiff after a tough workout. *fingers crossed*

I hope this finds you all well! (((hugs)))

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fall Blahs

It is not even winter yet and I have the blahs. I've been feeling a little blah the last few days. Hormones and my husband is on call. So, he is working a ton. I have been eating EVERYTHING in sight. The weather is overcast and drizzling. I went to Target today and they declined my card. I came home to find there was no reason for that to have happened. I guess it was a online.

I really need a great workout, a healthy dinner and to spend the rest of the night cuddled up with a ton of yarn. So, that is the plan. I am thinking pasta primevera with shrimp.

As far as the workout goes....I joined a gym back in June but it wasn't open yet. It finally opened last month (five months later!) and I am really not loving it. I am considering joining 24 Hour Fitness. The gym I am at is ok...but no child care and it feels really crowded with equipment. Kind of stiffling. I am hoping that I will be able to find a good deal at 24 Hour Fitness because the little guy would probably LOVE forty-five minutes with other kids a few mornings a week.

Having said that...there are some really awesome things about today.

I got my Avon order!! There is something awesome about coming home and finding boxes of Avon at your door. I got a few treasures for myself. I'll do a haul in a bit!

My little guy is LOVING He is so smart!

...and I "think" my husband is close to getting home and might be able to stay a few hours before he is called out again! *fingers crossed*


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Already?! *collapses into chair*...when did this happen? Well, even though this year has FLOWN by I am still very, very into the holidays this year.

I have always loved the holiday season. But, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind! Marriage, moving twice (the last move was into our first house...hello epic amount of firsts), pregnancy, my first baby became a teen (gads), we began homeschooling, pregnancy and alas...a toddler. So much love. So much luck. But BOY-O-BOY did I spent the last couple of holiday seasons in a hustle.

Things are still wild around here. But, at the moment we have established a rhythm. Enough of a rhythm to settle in and start some traditions. To really "get into" the holidays more than we have the last couple of years. I looooove the holidays. So much glitter, decor, crafting, warm fluffy fun.

My goal for the holidays is one (probably pinterest inspired) craft per day! I am hoping to find a group that will share this with me. Community can really MAKE this time of year, don't you think?

Crocheting in the Etsy shop for the holidays can be overwhelming. But, I will keep it open until I feel overwhelmed. Yesterday, I made a wolf hat for a friend and I want to share how I did that.

Thank you for stopping by. Its a pleasure to see your pretty face!

Oh! I stopped by the mall today and got the baby his FIRST Santa pic ever. I know its sad...thats just how crazy the holidays were for the last few years! *deep, delighted breath*


And while I was there I grabbed a new lipstick! Kat Von D's Ever lasting Love Lipstick in Outlaw. I am selling Avon now (come here to like my Avon page buy from me!!) Avon has some AWESOME red lipsticks! But, I still cannot stay out of Sephora at this time of year. ALL THOSE PALETTES! I saw it and had to have it. Its the perfect red and has some severe staying power. A mommy needs tough lipstick if she has any hopes of it staying on all day.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Puppy Hat Crochet Pattern

My Izzy wanted a puppy with brown eyes just like our dogs. I got right to work...


I used a J hook for the entire hat. The brand of yarn was worsted weight Vanna. It is very soft. Red Heart Super Saver would probably have been a better choice if you want it to look "cleaner". In the pattern I will be revising something I did "wrong" when I made the hat in the picture. In my opinion anyway. The brown stitching around the ears is so messy. I wish I had trimmed the ears in black and then made a row of brown around the time! :)

I started with a basic beanie: My toddler has a 20" head. Using a J hook and worsted weight yarn, you are probably getting about 3 stitches per inch. Increase or decrease to your liking. But this pattern will be for a 20" hat.


At the end of each row of the hat, ss and chain 1.

1: HDC 9 times in a magic circle (9). Cinch closed
2: HDC 2 time in each stitch (18)
3: HDC around, increasing every other stitch (27)
4: HDC around, increasing every third stitch (36)
5: HDC around, increasing every fourth stitch (45)
6: HDC around (45)
7: HDC around, increasing every fifth stitch (54)
8-16: HDC around (54)
Fasten off. Attach brown yarn near the Fasten off stitch. Crochet over tails to keep it clean.
HDC around (54)
Fasten off.

DC 12 times in a magic circle. Cinch closed, slip stitch into first DC. Fasten Off. Leave a long tail.
(make 2)...HDC 9 times in a magic circle. Cinch closed, slip stitch into first HDC. Fasten off leaving long tails.

(make 2)
chain 7,
1: sc in second ch from hook and across (6)
chain 1 and turn
2:sc 2 times in first stitch and 1 sc in each stitch across (7)
chain 1 and turn
3: sc 2 times in first stitch and 1 sc in each stitch across (8)
chain 1 and turn
4: sc 2 times in first stitch and 1 sc in each stitch across (9)
Rows 5-13: chain 1 and turn, sc across (9)
14: ch1, turn, skip a stitch and sc across, skip last stitch (7)
15: ch1, turn, skip a stitch and sc across, skip last stitch (5)
16: ch1, turn, skip a stitch and sc across, skip last stitch (3)

begin sc around the edges of the ear.
Fasten off and leave a long tail.

attach the brown yarn and sc around the edge (not the flat top of the ear, that part will be attaching to the beanie), Fasten off. Work in the brown tail

Sew on the nose, eyes and ears wherever you like them using the long tails that you left after fastening off. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crocheted Toddler Slippers!

For my wild toddler that requested some green slippers (soon to be aligator slippers) I improvised. :)

I am really pleased with them...but the final test was Izzy. And he LOVES them.
And yesterday we took Pickles for a walk in her brand new jacket. Leopard suits her.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Crochet Swap

I have been VERY quiet lately. I have barely been crocheting at all. I play Final Fantasy 14 online and it is shutting down for several months starting tomorrow. So, I have been spending WAY too much time on there in preparation. But, that is done for now. I am really relieved to step away from the keyboard and grab a hook!

So many ideas.

But FIRST...I took part in a swap and just LOVE my gift package. Look!

Its totally cute! A little light up necklace, a knitted!

I sent her this:

She is a gnome fan. So I crocheted a little gnome pouch for her.
Here is a close up of the gnome pouch. I used a pretty little button with irredescent crystals to clasp it closed. It is camera/cell phone sized.

I used THIS PATTERN as inspiration. But after row 9 (starting from the bottom) I stopped following the pattern. I didnt really want the lines across the face and I wanted teh beard to sit differenly.

Swaps are amazing fun!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Hat! Crocheted a Girly Plex

I made this to match a the jacked that my friends daughter is wearing this winter. :) She loves Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. I added earflaps and ties to keep it securely fastened in the cold wind.  I love the little bows!

I started with all of these pieces...

Then did a little assembly...

Sew on the details with some yarn and a yarn needle (I prefer the metal ones!)...

And there you have it!!

I really enjoyed making this hat this morning. Very fun and quick!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Moogle Hat!

Every now and again I play Final Fantasy...this is for an online friend. It went off in the mail today and I already miss it. So...I will be making one for myself tonight! I checked out a few Redbox movies to keep me company while I put it together...

Adam Sandlers "Thats My Boy" and "SnowWhite and the Huntsman" with the chick from Twilight. I cannot wait to put the baby to bed and get to work!

Here is a little peek at my moogle:

Its 106 out...and I'm in a beanie. Otherwise, I would be BIG smiles.
Front ^

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Name Filet Crochet Baby Blanket with Ruffled Trim

I made a personalized baby blanket for a pregnant girlfriend. She requested it and I agreed happily...before finding out how many letters are in the name. LOL It is SERIOUSLY oblong. I prefer square baby blankets, but there was just nothing I could do. If I had it to do over again I would have made the letters only one row wide. That would have elliminated about a foot of blanket width.

Seeing how wide it would be I wanted to add some interest to the negative space. I found a fun fillet 3D flower pattern online and used that above and below the name...I just placed them randomly. I like the way they came out.
I intended to make the ruffled edge two rows wide. After one row I was "done". This took about 12 hours of work...which is more than my craft ADD likes to commit, too.

Here is my final product:

And a close up...

Thank you for looking!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crocheter goes to the Fair!

Today I went to the fair! It was a great time. Just me and the boys since the husband is working. I took lots of pics and when I got home I realized I love yarn. You would think I would know that by now...but it really comes out in my pictures. It drives the point home.


I carried my three year old on my back in a mei tai carrier I made a few years ago. He was asleep here. But in the "Genius" exhibit they had an area devoted to the woman that brought baby carrying to the U.S.!

 This is so cute! ...can't tell inside the cellophane but it is a basic bangle with the strips of rhinestones that they sell in the trip area at Hobby Lobby hot glued to it! I will be making this.

 The christmas throw is a star afghan. I love it!

 How precious! A crocheted Raggety Anne and Andy!

 I think I need this blanket. It was HUGE and had a ruffled trim. Love!

 Halloween is my favorite holiday...the candy corn throw is incredible.

 Tunisian...with crosstitched flowers. Beautiful!

 Purple. Nuff said!


 I have never made a doily. I think I may need to make one...

 My Christmas tree this year WILL have alot of feathers on it.

 Crocheted Doll Clothes!


 What a stunning afghan and pillow set!

 Tunisian birds. This is just gorgeous!


 I love the lettering done on the double crochet...I have only used single crochet for lettering up until now. I may have to change that.

 This pillow is required somewhere in my home.

This rag rug was done in a shiny nylon fabric. It turned out really nice.


 I love red, black and white!

 This may be the year that I make my flag afghan.

 My swap partner needs a shawl.

 Aghan love!



 I see many crochet chains in my future. Maybe a black and yellow for halloween?

Such a happy afghan. I love this one.

I love the fair. It is so full of ideas and inspiration. If you got all the way through my pictures...thank you!