Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mommy Mani aka Lightning Fast Polish Change

While I was waiting for my hair color to set I did my nails and tried out a trick I recently pinned on Pinterest

This Revlon "Lavender Pastelle" with a streak of Wet 'N Wilds "On A Trip" on top.

Heres the tip: Dip your hands in ice water afterward for a couple minutes and they dry in a snap! It worked like a ok. The top layer was still a little gummy afterward. I needed a touch after rinsing my hair.

I think I will stick with my lightning fast nail change:

It takes me forever to use the cottonball/nail polish remover method. It just smears it and I have trash left over. I had tried the nail polish remover in a tub with the foam inside. Better...but after a few uses the foam starts getting messy (I like bright and deep colors). So one time I had acrylic nails (they never last long for me) and I wanted them off so I bought a tub of artificial nail remover with these little plastic bristles inside. It is like this one.

Then I am set to polish.

I follow up with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip. I love this polish stays on thru a few of my most grueling nail days. I use it on fingers and toes.

Warning! The first time I dropped this it shattered. I have dropped many nail polish bottles and this is the first time one broke. I was shocked! I ran out and bought another bottle right away. I am just more careful now.

(as I type my children are sticking one of those strange stretchy quarter machine toys into my up-do)

Before finding this stuff I went without polish quite often. Its hard for a mom to carve out half an hour of her day for her nails very often. There are just so many other things to do with a kid-free free half hour (Pinterest, Facebook, Target). But I have found a way to do my nails in five minutes. I like to do it outside because of the fumes.

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