Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Target Haul

I wanted to give Justin a chance to nap after work yesterday. He had to be up really early. The only way daddy gets to nap is if I get the baby out of the house so we went to Target! Logged nearly 3000 steps on my pedometer.

Izzy and I had a blast. We both picked out a yogurt...he hit the $1 area like a tornado. I got a new polish...Wet 'N Wild "I Need A Refresh-Mint".

I have read alot of good stuff about ELFs Shine Eraser get 50 in a pack for $1 at Target. Had to try them! Great for on top of tinted moisturizer.

OH! New Pedometer. I try to hit 10,000 steps a day...I do half the time. Before I was trying I was only getting about 3,000. As much as I run around the house I actually have to get myself out and take a walk to hit my goal. Sometimes twice in a day.

I got Wet 'N Wilds liquid liner in black. Needed some more. I go through it fast. I have not been able to find a liquid liner that I can apply that works as well. Its easy to apply, it stays on well and one line is all I need. So many times I found myself having to apply coats to keep my liquid liner from streaking. In the winter I am a kohl girl...but in the summer that just makes a mess. Liquid liner works best for me. For beach days I do waterproof and like to use bright colors. Wet 'N Wild has pretty blue and teal...the plum is OK. A little muted for my taste. For $3 I have all the colors.

Impulse magazine buy at the register. It turns out Jessica Simpson is the new Weight Watchers spokesgirl. Am I the last to know? She is trying to get in shape for a December wedding. Weight Watchers new plan did not work for me. At all. The old Points plan worked like a charm, but then they changed it and gave me LOTS more points. It was confusing and I could not stay under points for the longest time. Then when I did...I still did not lose. Just count your calories and make sure you are getting some good protein, leave out the refined carbs and do not eat fruit after lunchtime. And do your cardio...thats the plan for now. I used to be a personal trainer and its what worked best.

It confused me that Jessica Simpson named her child Maxwell...and its a girl. But, now that I know its awesome. I guess she is referred to as Maxi. Which is cute!

Q-Tips, bananas and sunscreen for the kids.

I like aerosol sunscreen so I can just chase the baby, spritz him and release him back into the wild. Its alot like the wildlife associations tagging system. I haven't yet had to use at tranq gun. This was my first time using the Target brand of 50 SPF sunscreen. It left us kind of shiny for an hour or so. But the shine wore off. It went on so easily and light that if it hadn't left the shine I probably wouldn't have trusted that any came out. I suggest applying it outside. It leaves a bit of a cloud after you spray it.


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