From XL Tshirt to Running Tank Top

Monday, January 14, 2013

So I got an XL Tshirt and I thought...that would be GREAT to wear while running. But, I really dont like to wear big boxy tshirts when I exercise. It is pretty demotivating. So, even though I just shelled out the cash for this brand new tshirt at Champs I am going to chop it up. Better to chop it then to keep it as is and never wear it at all.
What you need for the project:
T-Shirt ...the bigger the better
A marking chalk or contrasting crayon
A hair tie (to tie your hair up...its not used on the shirt)
A bottle of emergency wine for those who are squimish about putting scissors to cloth.
Got everything together? Good!

Mark inside the seams of the arms.
(I like these a little low to prevent any chaffing. I am not worried about anything showing because I know I will be wearing a sports bra underneath.)
Mark a nice 6" deep "V" on the neck just outside the collars seams.
Mark a line just above the trim on the bottom.

Cut along the lines you just drew. *snip snip*
Make sure not to cut along the back of the collar...if you go to low back there the shirt will sit funny.
It won't be bad for wearing, but for running it stinks. You will ALWAYS be pulling at the shoulder when it falls over and over again. Blah...

Mark a nice high arch under the collar seem on the back of the shirt. Cut along the line.

This is the back of the shirt. We are going to be tying it to make it a little more fitted in the bust.
With your marking tool make some nice deep arches to form a bit of a "T" back. Keep the points of your arches about 6" apart. That will make it decrease the bust of your shirt by 6" when we tie it at that point. This works for me. If you want it tighter then make your arches smaller...if you want less of a decrease at the bust then make these arches even bigger.
Cut along your arches...on the back side only!

We are going to take a spare piece of fabric from what we cut away and tie the arches together. This isnt permanent so just tie it in a square knot.
Try on the shirt...the piece of fabric you tied on can slide up and down a bit...see where you like it. I like mine as low as it will go. If my fabric knot is too high it distorts the shoulders too much and you can't read my awesome quote.
Once you adjust it and see where you most like the knot then take the shirt off.

This is where I liked mine.

This is the remnant of the sleeves. mark them just as I have and cut along the lines.

Then put your hand inside of the sleeve remnant and mark the lines to one another...offset by one. This will form a continuous line of fabric.
 (sidenote: I learned this when I was making fabric yarn out of sheets. Saved me a TON of time. Just fold the sheets as many times as you can, cut almost all the way to the end...unfold one time and cut each strip the end of the one just to the right of it. loooong strip of sheet to crochet into a rug or trivet)
Back to our tshirt!
The sleeves are not long strips (if this did not workout...grab some ribbon, tie a bow where you like your shirt gathered in the back)
But, if you DO have a length of sleeve fabric then give it a tug all along the length so the edges curl under a bit. See?

Before the tug ^

After the tug ^

Wrap your cotton strip around and around at the point where you liked your shirtback tied. Tie it off and tuck in the edges.

Lay your shirt on its side. Shirts look better when they are a little shorter in front than in back.
Mark a line that starts 3" from the bottom in front and tapers off toward the back.
Cut through both layers of fabric along your drawn line.
Give all of your cut edges a tug to curl the fabric under a bit. The edges will look more finished after a wash or two. 

Here are a few of my AMAZING self portraits. I really need a mirrored wall. These are SO difficult for me.

Hey look...its my shoulder.
So get cutting! If you do please share a pic with me. Happy Sunday, crafters!!

Saturday with the Family

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We had a really nice day today. After a morning of sleeping in we headed to our hometown to visit a friend. Then we went shopping! First off was Frys Electronics where I saw this...

CUTE! But I only collect My Melody items with red ears. The way God intended. go.

Then we went to IKEA! I'm on a new eating plan and even though today was my cheat meal day I did not want to spend it at the Ikea I walked the baby while my guys ate there.

I need a new dining set so I was mostly zoned in on that area. They have some cute ones. My decor of choice is "mid century modern"...clean lines, strong colors, bold shapes. Love it!

I feel in love with Tobias. Its so cute!

But, at $80 a chair, I will pass for now. I miss garage saling in my ghetto minivan. I could fit ANYTHING in there. But, now we have a midsize hatchback and I just cannot fit chairs or furniture in there if I am out with the baby. *sigh* There is always craigslist. Maybe I will get lucky?
Then, I chose what I wanted for my cheat meal. Pizza Hut. I had chicken alfredo pizza (three slices!) and 2 chocolate dippers. My stomach is still so full!
Tonight my focus is turning my new running shirt into a tank top with a DIY tutorial. I am scouring Pinterest looking for it.
Here is my shirt....
I know...its cocky. But, (sadly) it totally suits my personality. Heheh I am leaning toward this tutorial. But, that will have to wait until the morning.

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. Take good care!! 

This Is Why Your Fat by Jackie Warner

Friday, January 11, 2013

Right now I am reading Jackie Warners "This Is Why Your Fat (And How To Get Thin Forever)". I loved her in the show Workout on the Bravo channel. I am loving her with longer hair...although she worked short hair better than most.

The book is good. As a former personal trainer I ofter suffer from paralysis of analysis. Or more to the point...I'm ADD. Having read all of the diets, and workout theories I can justify doing just about anything and not really sticking to ANYTHING. It's aweful. Just a hot mess!

But, this book is really reminding me of what to do and why. The why is so crucial for me. Its nothing new for me. You CAN'T skip meals. You cant overeat but it isn't JUST calories in/calories out because of hormones and some stuff just slows down metabolism and our organs get too bogged down to function optimally. Meal frequency, hormones, how to do your cardio so it really goes on and on and it is all in here. This is just a great book.

If you let your blood sugar drop the next thing you eat will be stored as fat. It is as simple as that. I know this but still I let it happen. No more! Today I started to get back on track and I am feeling 100 percent better. It's hard to say no to some food. But, SO many foods are filling and work withing the program that after a bit you just get into your groove and it becomes second nature. Everything else just has to wait for your cheat meal.


Night Owl

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I swear I cannot get myself to bed at a decent hour! Am I the only one? The days with the kids are crazy. I homeschool so I have them both. Then in the afternoon there are always errands to run. I try to make Tuesday "errand day". But, something always pops up (i.e. I am out of milk, we need something for dinner, I need a certain kind of yarn to complete an order). When I get back home and my husband arrives from work I then hit the evening craziness. Dinner for us, feeding the pets, baths (usually thats the husband because he is an ANGEL!), jammies, teeth, reading, bed time. And for my oldest bedtime is closer to 10:00 now. So, when I finally get it all done I just love to celebrate by staying up so late that the next day I would be exhausted if I woke up at a decent hour. would be 3AM every night if I had my way.

So, what do I fill my nights with? Brace yourself. Its exciting:

TV...If I have to crochet something then I like some mindless chatter in the background. Lately, I have been on a Desperate Housewives marathon because they have all 8 seasons on Netflix. It makes me laugh but has enough suspense to keep me interested. I thought Susan was my favorite but post AA Bree kinda rocks. I am almost to the end of season 7 now.

Nashville...have you seen it? The show is new, but I dig the country aspect to it. The women wear great makeup and the guys aren't all complete scumbags. Yet. It's still early.

Biggest Loser. Jillians back! The show is useless to me without Jillian. I am a former personal trainer so Biggest Loser is right up my alley. Really, makes me want to workout afterward. It's nice.

And I Workout...after the kids and the husband go to bed I love to do yoga, aerobics...I have about 70 DVDs. It what I hoard. I don't keep them in their boxes so it really doesn't take up too much space. The hardest part is choosing which DVD to do. When I finish this blog here I am going to go do Bryan Kests Power Yoga. If you do yoga you MUST try this. He is awesome. He will ring you out, inspire you and bring you to a happy place everytime! ...and its an old DVD. From the 90s. He wears cutoff jeans, no shirt and has this super long flowing mane of curls. Ahhhh the 90s. And one of the students he is teaching is Seane Corn. She was nearly as ADORABLE and beautiful then as she is now. 

I am also attacking Beachbodys Insanity. I am not a Beachbody Coach. It seems everyone online that mentions doing Insanity is also trying to sell it. I bought mine on Amazon for WAY less money. I haven't been great about doing it yet. Its haaaaard. But, I will get on that.

Here is Shaun T from Insanity in the ONLY pic I could find him in with a shirt on. He is awesome and inspiring. I like him!

I also Read! But, I am not focused enough to be able to read while the kids are awake. Maybe when the baby gets older. My Christmas present this year was a Kindle Fire HD. OMG! If you crochet you NEED one. It holds PDFs. I never used to like to buy patterns because I would inevitably lose the file on my computer and if I printed it out it was just a mess. But, now I have all of my patterns on my Kindle. With me. Always. <3 It also lets me use Android apps on it and watch Netflix and Youtube...take pictures. Its amazing. Oh...and I can buy books without feeling like a hoarder. I only allow myself one hoard and thats the workout/yoga DVDs (oh...and some yarn)...

2013 Blog EVERY Day

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So...lots of people are doing a photo a day for all of 2013. I'm going to instead challenge myself to blog at least once a day for all of 2013.

There are lots of reasons ...first of all, in order to do something well you have to practice.

One issue with this is that I do alot more than crochet so this blog is probably going to be as scattered as I am. More of a diary...with alot of crochet. Because, I do crochet alot. :) But, I have other issue (er... interests), too!

Sewing (mostly fast, easy projects)
Parenting Teen and Toddler Boys
Photography and Editing Photos
Boho Decor
Vintage Pyrex
Mid Century Furniture
I'm all over the place! LOL

My goal for this year is to stay off of Facebook so much, pick up the hook more and satisfy my social media sweet-tooth with Instagram.

So, Happy New Year (again). May your year be full of caring, peace, authenticity, kindness, creativity, beauty and accomplishments!

Dory by Lisa Gutierez

Monday, January 7, 2013

I made this up last night after my swap package arrived. In my package was two skiens of BEAUTIFUL Red Heart Boutique Unforgetable in Tidal. GORGEOUS colorway. Pretty sheen to it. Worked up nicely and felt like I got alot of of the skeins.

Isn't it pretty!?

So I saw it and knew I had to get right to work finding an awesome pattern to use this yarn in. I found Dory by Lisa Gutierez. A beautiful shawl with scalloped edging. This is my first shawl. I dont consider myself a "shawl" person. It brings to mind Little House on the Prairie or mental pictures of sobbing women wrapped up in them. Kind of a downer and not terribly sexy. I have admired MANY shawls...they are amazing ways to display a gorgeous yarn or stitch. Just not for me.

But, I decided to give it a try.

Here is what came out of it. I spent all last night working on it!

But, this shawl is different. Made with this thin, lightweight yarn, with just a little shine it is more like a scarf...with shape and detailed edging. As a matter of fact I wore it tonight and it was just wrapped around my neck like a scarf.

Here is a link to the patterns website and here is a link to her pattern on ravelry. Enjoy!! If you decide to make one please send me a pic!!

I think my next yarn purchase online (can't find this in my stores) will be Red Heart Boutiques Unforgettable in Dragon Fly. LOOK at this color.

It would make some AMAZING fingerless gloves for springtime. Im a pushover when it comes to a royal blue that electric.
The rest of my swap package was really awesome, too! Books and journals and tea, oh my!


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