Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I would like to send a huge thank you to ChemKnits. In 2009 she made a cactuar chart. This was my first knitted character hat so not having to make a chart really helped me! Here is the link to her chart.
This hat is for a guy. He is in our linkshell on FFXIV and likes cactuars.
Yarn: Black is Impeccable Yarn, Green is RHSS in Spring Green, White is Impeccable Yarn, Brown is Simply Soft.
Needles: Size 8 Circular Neeles...16", Boye I believe.

I cast on 88 stitches using the long tail method.

The inch of the hat (6 rows) I k2 x r2 for the ribbing

After that I knit around (88) 1 time before starting the chart. The chart 5 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide. Its really sizeable. After finishing the chart I only needed to keep knitting around for one more inch. I then k6k2t1 around until there were 20 stitches left. Then cast off and sewed the circle closed on the inside.

The close isnt perfect and I have some gapping at a few places where the black and green meet on the chart.

 But I am getting better really fast. I have been knitting for about a month now. I love colorwork so I will be keeping at it.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Triceratops Amigurumi

I crocheted the cutest triceratops amigurumi my little boy! He worked up fast and the pattern was simple to follow. I bought the pattern.
I am really pleased with him. I made him out of Red Heart Super Saver...that means he will probably live forever. Unlike his relatives.
Happy Easter everyone. I hope that you each have a warm and beautiful holiday. We will be visiting the in-laws tomorrow. I am hoping that we all waking up feeling great. The whole family has been fighting a germ this week. SO gross.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I met a girl. She did not like some people where she worked and it was no secret. So she asked me to make them out of yarn so that she can bring them into meetings with her and tell them that they are voodoo dolls. I never would have thought of this but I really enjoyed the project! I had no pictures...just what she told me to go on. I hunted down some patterns and tweaked them alot. She was SO pleased with how they turned out.
For the man I used Snuffikins Pattern. I improvised for the suitcase and the hair. She wanted him to look really old and cranky. Thats why there is so much going on with his face.
And for her...
I used a Talkshow Host Pattern. It was from the writer of this fine blog. Allison Hoffman and Crafty is Cool. I want to make all of her patterns now. I got the biggest kick out of the high heels, I think. I have never crocheted high heels and I was not sure how that was going to work out. I did not follow the pattern exactly...her patterns are posable and I didnt add any wires.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I did a swap with friends and wanted to crochet something that was the same for each of them...with different colors to suit their decor.
They are each 16 circles in squares. I used this pattern from Manners Crochet and Craft. These circles worked up super fast. Then I just whip-stitched them together. My first attempt was the pillow on the right. That one I tried to crochet the squares together and I did not like the outcome. The two pillows on the left turned out much cuter with the whipstitch assembly.
I did a granny square on the back of one. The other two I backed them with felt and sewed it on with my machine. Fast and simple.
In the end it all worked out well and I really enjoyed the swap. The pillow I received are adorable. I will post them as soon as I get them stuffed!

Monday, May 20, 2013

I made this Amigurumi recently for a swap. I could not find a pattern that suited me. Too small for the most part. This guy measures about 8" tall. I like that size for a doll.

I will be writing out a pattern for him very soon. While I do I will work a few more up and throw them on my Etsy page.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I got a present!! Spring Swap Package. :)

Pretty packages wrapped up in colorful paper!

She sent yarn! Peruvian Cotton. Its so soft. I just love it!
Berocco Vintage in a beautiful navy blue. This is going to make the most beautiful hat! I cannot wait to get started!
She sewed this beautiful project bag with a little pocket on the side. I am in love. AND this cute little purse on a key fob with little crystals on the side.
Yummy treats!! (The chocolate mints have disappeared...must have gotten lost somewhere).
Fabric and glitter and springy boxes. I love the way the purple flowers pop against the turquoise int he fabric. I not sure what they will become just yet. Hmmm...
And there it is. You would think this was more than enough. A perfect and wonderful present. But...there is more. If you can believe that. I opened up one of those springy little boxes and found SOCKS!


Socks!!!!! Beauiful, soft, emeraldy-green, hand knitted socks! I love them. My toddler got me sick so its the perfect time to be wearing hand knitted socks. They just make you feel better.
LOL I didnt notice my Pickles paws in the background when I was taking the pictures. I love her.

There it is! In all its glory. I feel like such a lucky swap partner. She really outdid herself. I am spoiled rotten.

Link from Zelda Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

I am first and foremost a crochet-er. :) I taught myself to crochet way back last month and it has been taking up a good sized chunk of my time. When I entered a swap recently I knew I wanted to make her a Link from Zelda hat...but I figured I would just knit one up.
Attempt number 1 was just awful. It wasn't even hat-like. I frogged it.
Attempt number 2 is actually a hat. And a cute, slouchy one that I kept for myself. But, not a bit like the hat Link wore. It needed length and pointiness. So I fell back on what (I feel) I do best. Crochet. An hour later I had my hat. What a waste of 2 days. At least I have a little green hat in my collection to show for it.
She loved it and looked SO cute in it. In celebration I want to share this very simple and fun pattern with you.
What you need for this adult woman sized hat.
  • Worsted Weight Yarn. The sample is grass green in I Love This Yarn. (Go Hobby Lobby!)
  • Size J Crochet Hook
  • I'm still writing so that it seems more complicated. But, nope...that's it.
It is very stretchy. If you want it super big for a big guy then I would take it out to 72 stitches instead of the 66 that I have here. You would do so by adding a row after 18 where you increase every 10 stitches. Then crochet around as the instructions direct.
Note: ss into the first stitch in the row and chain 2 at the end of each row.
Row 1) 8 dc in a magic circle. (8)
(here is a video if you are new to the magic circle)
Row 2) 2 DC in each stitch around (16)
Row 3) *DC, 2 DC* around (24)
Row 4-8) DC around (24)
Row 9) *DC in 3 stitches, 2 DC in the next stitch* repeat * to * 5 more times (30)
Row 10) DC around (30)
Row 11) *DC in 4 stitches, 2 DC in next stitch* repeat * to * 5 more times. (36)
Row 12) DC around (36)
Row 13) *DC in 5 stitches, 2 DC in next stitch* repeat * to * 5 more times.(42)
Row 14) DC around (42)
Row 15) *DC in 3 stitches, 2 DC in the next stitch* repeat * to * 9 times and then DC in the last two stitches (52)
Row 16) DC around (52)
Row 17) *DC in 4 stitches, 2 DC in the next stitch* repeat * to * 9 times, DC in the last two stitches (62)
Row 18) *DC in 14 stitches, 2 DC in next stitch* repeat * to * 3 times, DC in the last 2 stitches
Row 19-22) DC around (66)

(The ribbed edge begins here)
Row 23-25) Alternate FPDC and BPDC around (66)
Here is a video for help with FPDC and BPDC if you would like to a refresher.

Fasten Off. Weave in tails and work it.
Very slouchtastic and pointy.
Hugs, Mel

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tricorne Pirate Hat Crochet Pattern

Im taking part in the summer nerd games and this is my first entry. :) Its a pirate tricorne hat like the ones found in Limsa Lominsa in FFXIV

Just a quickie pattern if you want to make one like it! :)

Items You Need
Red Yarn -RHSS
Heather Grey Yarn - RHSS
G Hook
Stitch Marker (I use a little piece of contrasting yarn and just pull it out and replace it at the beginning of each row so I dont lose my place when working in the round)
Yarn Needle

I started in the center of the hat forming the "beanie" of it first. My gauge with Red Heart on a G Hook is 4st x 4st gives me one square inch. The drop on this hat is only 7" dont want it to come down to your eye brows before you begin the brim or it will look really odd. So the beanie portion is 22" wide and the drop is 7".

I worked in the round and did NOT slip stitch chain one at the end of each row. I used a stitch marker and just kept working in the circle.

The hat only uses single crochet. When I say "sc inc" it means sc two times in that one stitch. :)

Row 1) 6 sc in a magic loop circle. Cinch your circle closed and continue to row 2 (6)
2) sc increase in each stitch around (12)
3) *sc, sc inc* around (18)
4) *sc 2 times, sc inc* around (24)
5) *sc 3 times, sc inc* around (30)
6) *sc 4 times, sc inc* around (36)
7) sc around (35)
8) *sc 5 times, sc inc* around (42)
9) sc around (42)
10) *sc 6 times, sc inc* around (48)
11) sc around (48)
12) *sc 7 times, sc inc* around (54)
13) sc around (54)
14) *sc 8 times, sc inc* around (60)
15) *sc 9 times, sc inc* around (66)
16) sc around (66)
17) *sc 10 times, sc inc* around (72)
18) sc around (72)
19) *sc 11 times, sc inc* around (78)
20) *sc 12 times, sc inc* around (84)
21) *sc 13 times, sc inc* around (90)
22-26) sc around (90)

That was it for the part that sits on your head...we are now continuing on to the brim. No need to fasten off ...just keep working in the round.

27) *sc 6 times, sc inc* around (102)
28) *sc 7 times, sc inc* around (114)
29) *sc 8 times, sc inc* around (126)
30) *sc 9 times, sc inc* around (138)
31) *sc 10 times, sc inc* around (150)
32) *sc 11 times, sc inc* around (162)
33) *sc 12 times, sc inc* around (174)
34) *sc 13 times, sc inc* around (186)
35) sc around (186) Slip Stitch, Fasten off.

Attach Gray Yarn

36) *sc 14 times, sc inc* around (198)
37) *sc 15 times, sc inc* around (210)
38) sc around (210) Slip Stitch, Fasten off.

I made the end where I fastened off the back of the hat.

Now you have a great big, floppy hat. Turn the hat inside out so that when you fold the edges up in a "tricorne hat shape" the "right side" is facing out on the sides.

Like this...

I figured it is more important that the sides that everyone can see are the right side of the crochet fabric, as opposed to the top of the hat...fewer people will see that.

After flipping it "inside out" just shape it however want it to look. It is about personal preference. I did not want my edges to be too sharply folded. I like the rounded corners. Once you find how you want it to look then just use the complimentary yarn, cut a few strands and sew it to keep it that shape.

Just a Note: When you are sewing the outside just enter a stitch and take the working yarn into a hole that is above and on stitch to the right or left. Just like you are cross-stitching. This will make the stitching nearly impossible to see. I learned this by "accident".

I sewed the red and then I sewed a few strands through the gray also. It curled a bit before I stitched through the gray a few times.

Finished product! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013


It was a long, boring process. But, isn't he cute?!

I bought the pattern from someone called "nutsaboutcrochet13" ...I found the pattern on pinterest...followed that to ravelry...then it directed me elsewhere. Then it showed up in my email account so I have NO idea how to link back to her. I made ALOT of modifications. I made it larger and the starts and finisheds and feet and legs and such are all different than the pattern suggested. But it was a nice pattern (if not expensive) to use as a guide. I don't see many moose around here so a guide was nice. :)